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German Metric Converter

Metric > English | English > Metric

Give ’em an inch and they’ll take 1.609 kilometers

Conversion calculator for recipes, temperatures, distances, etc.

Enter the required value into the input field and then click the appropriate button to see the conversion you want.
Geben Sie den gewünschten Wert in das Feld ein und dann klicken Sie auf die passende Taste, um die Umrechnung zu sehen.

Example 1: You want to tell a German friend that there are 5 inches of snow on your lawn. You enter "5" and click on the in to mm button. 5 inches = 127 mm (12.7 cm).
Example 2: You want to tell a Swiss friend that it was 90°F yesterday. You enter "90" and click on the ° F to C button. 90 F = 32 C.

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