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A German Language Quiz

Werden Sie Millionär!

RTL Television's Wer wird Millionär? (WWM?) has become a huge hit in Germany. The German version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" has the same sets, the same music, the same "lifelines" (die Joker) and the same format as the British and American versions. But Günther Jauch, the German Moderator of WWM?, asks questions that are geared to German culture, just as the American edition's questions are geared to US culture. (For more about the German quiz show and its many clones, see the article Millionär werden! by your Guide.)

This little sample quiz is based on actual questions that have been asked on the WWM? show on German television. Just as on the original show, you must choose the right answer from four possible choices. Unlike the original, however, there are no lifelines in our game, and you can only win the satisfaction of being right, rather than a million euro.

NOTE: Each correct answer has a full explanation of the information related to that question.


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