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Kreuzworträtsel: Farben 1
Crossword Puzzle: Colors 1 - PRINT

A German Crossword Puzzle for Beginners

In the crossword puzzle below you need to identify 16 German words related to colors. For each English clue, fill in the German word that fits the puzzle. Umlauted letters and the ß are two letters in the puzzle (i.e., ä=ae, ü=ue, ß=ss, etc.). If you need to review the colors in German, see our Colors page. You can use this print version to fill in your answers. Viel Spaß!

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Kreuzwort Farbe

  5. red
  6. purple
  7. white
  8. silver colored
12. colorful
13. orange
14. dark
15. blue
  1. turquoise
  2. bright
  3. tan
  4. black
  5. pink
  9. green
10. brown
11. yellow

Answer Key: We'll send you the solution to this crossword, but there's a catch! You must send in the answers for at least eight of the items in order to receive the solution. (Use the numbered format shown below the puzzle for your answers.)

To request an answer key for this Kreuzworträtsel, email me (with your answers) at: german@aboutguide.com (Subject: KWF1Key)

HELP > Farben - Colors (German color chart)

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