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German Verb Conjugator 2

English to German

Conjugate Common German Verbs

German Verb Guide > Verb Conjugator 1 > Verb Conjugator 2

Our German verb conjugator allows you to select the English for a German verb and see its conjugated forms.


  1. Select the English for a German verb.
  2. You will see the German verb.
  3. Click on the "Conjugate" button.
  4. View the verb's conjugated forms.

For more about German verbs see our German Verb Guide.

German Verb Conjugator 2
The JavaScript for this German verb conjugator was kindly provided by Stephen Chapman, About Guide to Focus on JavaScript.

Verb Conjugator 1
The German version of the Verb Conjugator allows you to select a German verb and see its full conjugation in German and English.

Also see the German modal verbs.

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