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German Verb Conjugations

SCHAFFEN: Conjugated in All Tenses

Present Tense • Präsens

The German verb schaffen (to create; make, do) conjugated in all its tenses and moods

SCHAFFEN: Present > Past > Future > Subjunctive > All Verbs

Principal Parts 1:  schaffen   schuf   geschaffen
Principal Parts 2:  schaffen   schaffte   geschafft*
Imperative (Commands): (du) schaff! | (ihr) schafft! | schaffen Sie!
*See the explanation of this verb's two forms in the chart below.

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Present Tense - Präsens

Strong and Weak Forms: The verb SCHAFFEN has two forms: strong and weak. In its meanings of "do, make, work, manage, accomplish," schaffen is a regular (weak) verb. In its meaning of "create," schaffen is an irregular (strong) verb with the past tense schuf and the past participle geschaffen. See the examples below for more.
ich schaffe I create/am creating
du schaffst you create/are creating
er schafft
sie schafft
es schafft
he creates/is creating
she stands/is creating
it stands/is creating
wir schaffen we create/are creating
ihr schafft you (guys) create/
are creating
sie schaffen they create/are creating
Sie schaffen you create/are creating
  Schaffe, schaffe, Häusle baue!
  Work, work, build your little house! (Old saying about the industriousness of the Swabian people.)
  Er schafft es nicht. He can't do it.
  Ich habe viel geschafft. I've accomplished a lot.
  Kannst du bitte Platz schaffen? Can you make some room?
  Wie können wir das in den Keller schaffen?
  How can we manage to get that into the cellar?
Related: die Anschaffung purchase, acquisition; die Erschaffung creation, die Schaffenskraft creativity
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SCHAFFEN: Present > Past > Future > Subjunctive > All Verbs

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