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Magazines in German - Part 2

More About German Magazines

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German magazines come in an amazing variety of categories. But let's start with the six that have the largest circulation.

Germany's infamous Bild tabloid daily isn't a magazine, but the weekly Bild am Sonntag (BamS) is read by no less than 2.1 million Germans every Sunday. (The daily Bild has a circulation of just under 4 million, the largest in Germany.) Next we have two German weekly magazines and a monthly with a circulation of around one million each. But Stern, Der Spiegel and Das Beste (monthly) are very different magazines. Stern ("star") is what the Germans call eine Illustrierte, meaning it has lots of photos. It is something of a blend between a news magazine and an illustrated weekly—like Bunte below. Das Beste is the German edition of Reader's Digest, but it's not just a German translation of the English edition. Although it does carry articles from English, it also reflects German culture by offering selections from German publications.

Der Spiegel ("the mirror") was founded as Diese Woche ("this week") in 1946 by Rudolf Augstein in Hannover (the magazine later moved to Hamburg). A deliberate imitation of the U.S. Time and Newseek magazines, Der Spiegel soon became Germany's biggest (now about million copies weekly), most respected - and only - weekly news magazine. It wasn't until 1993 that a Munich upstart called Focus, under editor Helmut Markwort, began to give the venerable Der Spiegel a run for its money. Although Focus currently has a weekly circulation (Auflage) of 768,000, less than its rival, and has been criticized for being the "McDonald's" of German journalism, it forced Der Spiegel to add more color and graphics and to shorten its notoriously wordy articles.

Die Woche
This award-winning German
weekly is now kaput.

But see our Magazine links.

Bunte, or Bunte illustrierte ("colorfully illustrated"), its full name, is a weekly gossip/celebrity publication, but with more class and sophistication than many of its competitors. Bunte is one of Germany's most popular magazines, with a weekly circulation of about 755,000.

Those are the top six. For many more German magazines, including the fairly new Super Illu (circ. 551,000), in many more categories, see Magazines in Germany with links to the online versions. Below you'll also find a link for subscribing to the print versions German periodicals in North America.

German weekly magazines come out either on Monday or Thursday. Focus and Der Spiegel both appear on Mondays. Stern, Die Woche and Die Zeit come out every Thursday. Like periodicals in most free countries, the German ones come in various political flavors, ranging from left to right, liberal to conservative.

German periodical publishing is concentrated among several major publishing houses (Verlage), most of which have their main offices in Hamburg. Here are some of the largest:

Grüner + Jahr (Hamburg) - Stern, Brigitte, Capital, Geo, National Geographic Deutschland, P.M., Schöner Wohnen, TV Today

Hubert Burda Media (Hamburg, Berlin, Munich) - Bunte, Burda Mode, Chip, Elle, Focus, Freundin, SuperIllu

Axel Springer Verlag (Hamburg, Berlin) - Allegra, Bild/Bild am Sonntag, Bildwoche, Auto Bild, Computer Bild, Sport Bild, Hörzu, Mädchen, Maxim, Die Weltalso books and two Berlin newspapers (B.Z., Berliner Morgenpost) through its Ullstein subsidiary

Spiegel-Verlag (Hamburg) - Der Spiegel, Manager

Heinrich Bauer Verlag (Hamburg) - Bella, Das Neue Blatt, Neue Revue, Tina, TV Movie, Maxi

Jahreszeiten Verlag (Ganske Verlagsgruppe, Hamburg) - Merian, Petra, Prinz, Die Woche

Verlag Das Beste (Stuttgart) - Das Beste (Reader's Digest)

Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (Verlagsgruppe Georg Holtzbrinck, Stuttgart) - DMEuro, Handelsblatt, Wall Street Journal Europe, Wirtschaftswoche

If you live in North America and want to find out more about subscribing to the print versions of German periodicals, try GLPNews.com. On the next page, you'll find links to the online versions of many German-language magazines.

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