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Chart: German Words in English

Pronouncing German Words in English 3

Porsche - Neanderthal - Adidas

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As a supplement to this article, here is a chart with more pronunciation examples in both German and English, plus MP3 audio. You'll also find a few related links following the chart.

Frequently Mispronounced Terms
with correct phonetic pronunciation
Word/Name Pronunciation
Adidas AH-dee-dass
Bayer bye-er
Eva Braun
(not 'brawn')
Dr. Seuss
(Theodor Seuss Geisel)
German author, poet
GER-ta ('er' as in fern)
and all oe-words
in Munich
Loess/Löss (geology)
fine-grained loam soil
lerss ('er' as in fern)
Porsche PORSH-uh
Gerhard Schröder
German chancellor
shrer-der ('er' as in fern)
not shro-der!
Phonetic guides shown are only approximate.
Terms marked with the ™ symbol are trademarked brands.
Hear MP3 Audio for these words!
English in German
with common German mispronunciation
Wort/Name Aussprache
airbag (Luftkissen) air-beck
Al Gore el gore
chatten (to chat) shetten
corned beef kornett beff
live (adj.) lyfe (live=life)
Nike nyke (silent e) or
nee-ka (German vowels)

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