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German Roots Search: Document 1

Geburtsurkunde - Birth Certificate

Translated from the German

Original German Text
Geburtsurkunde (Birth Certificate)
Also see the English translation below and a photocopy.

Note: Items in boldface are handwritten words in the original.

Nr. 40 - Schlitz am 20. Juli 1889

Vor dem unterzeichneten Standesbeamten erschien heute, der Persönlichkeit nach bekannt, Der Leinenweber Heinrich Kaufmann wohnahft zu Schlitz, evangelischer Religion, und zeigte an, daß von der Katharina Elisabetha Kaufmann geborenen Eisenberg, seiner Ehefrau, evangelischer Religion, wohnhaft bei ihm zu Schlitz in seiner Wohnung am sechszehnten Juli des Jahres tausend acht hundert achtzig und neun Vormittags um elfdreiviertel Uhr ein Kind männlichen Geschlechts geboren worden sei, welches den Vornamen Heinrich erhalten habe.

Vorgelesen, genehmigt und unterschrieben Heinrich Kaufmann

Der Standesbeamte

English Translation (Birth Certificate)

Note: The following translation may sound a bit odd since we attempted to preserve as much as possible the original word order and phrasing of the German document.

No. 40 - Schlitz on the 20th of July 1889

Before the undersigned registry official today appeared, known by personality [in person], the linen weaver Heinrich Kaufmann, residing in Schlitz, of the Protestant [Lutheran] religion, and reported that - to Katharina Elisabetha Kaufmann nee Eisenberg, his wife, of the Protestant religion, living with him, was born in Schlitz in his residence on the 16th of July of the year one thousand eight hundred eighty-nine [1889] at eleven and three quarters [11:45] in the morning a child of the male gender, who was given the first name Heinrich.

Read to, approved and signed Heinrich Kaufmann

The Registry [Vital Statistics] Official Zinsser

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