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From Aspirin to Zeppelin
Part 2: Erfindungen

Trivia-FragenTrivia Questions

Before we move on to our list of inventors and inventions, see if you can answer the following trivia questions. (We've given you some hints, Tipps/Hinweise, in German.) If you can't figure out the answers, they can be found on the next two pages—but you can verify your answers by clicking on the "Antwort" link for each question.

1. What German invention helped Jesse Owens win gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

Tipp: Eine bekannte deutsche Firma.
Antwort 1 (Answer)

2. Can you name the movie actress who co-invented the basic spread-sprectrum technology used in cell phones today?

Tipp: Sie war Österreicherin.
Antwort 2

3. Where did the MP3 technology that made Napster possible come from?

Tipp: Ja, natürlich aus Deutschland, aber genauer bitte! Wir brauchen Namen.
Antwort 3

4. How did the diesel engine or megahertz (MHz) get their names?

Tipp: Leute von gestern.
Antwort 4

5. Who was the German aviation pioneer whose wing designs were closely studied by the Wright Brothers?

Tipp: Die Halle von Berlins Hauptflughafen (TXL) trägt seinen Namen.
Antwort 5

6. What's the name of the world's first programmable electronic digital computer?

Tipp: Die Antwort ist nicht ENIAC oder IBM.
Antwort 6

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