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German Gender Hints
Related Resources - Noun Gender in German

Learning German noun genders is not something that can be accomplished overnight. Try not to get frustrated, and remember that even native speakers of German took years to get to the point where they just seem to know all those genders naturally. But remember to always learn any new German noun with its gender!

Here's some more help. Try the German grammar resources below.

NOUN GENDER > Part 1 | Part 2 | Lesson 3 (German for Beg.)

MORE > German Noun Suffixes and Gender - Rules and exceptions

Related Pages

Gender Hints for: DER, DIE and DAS.

Gender Hints: Part One
The first part of our gender guide for German.

German Noun Suffixes and Gender
Noun endings as a predictor of gender, a glossary with rules and exceptions.

German Gender Quiz 1
Take our self-scoring quiz to test your mastery of noun genders.

German Gender Quiz 2
Version two of our self-scoring quiz to test your mastery of noun genders.

German for Beginners - Lesson 3
A look at the definite articles and noun gender in German. Part of our German for Beginners series.

Chemische Elemente
A complete German-English table of the 112 known chemical elements - with their symbols and atomic weights (Ordnungszahlen). All but five are neuter! - Part of our German Almanac.

World Rivers in German
A selection of rivers around the globe in German and English - with genders.

All of our annotated English-German glossaries.

Web Links

German Language - Tips
Katherine Munro's collection of German grammar pointers for gender, adjectives, and more.

How to Guess German Gender
From the Univ. of Michigan.

The Awful German Language (1)
Mark Twain's humorous look at German genders and other German oddities—one of many online versions of his classic essay in A Tramp Abroad.

The Awful German Language (2)
Another site with the Twain essay from A Tramp Abroad—from Jim Zwick's Mark Twain site.

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