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Homework help for German is just a click away!
Wegweiser 2

Wegweiser Okay, homework is rarely anyone's favorite subject, but it's an important one. And if you're a student of German at a school, college or university, the topic of Hausaufgaben or Hausarbeiten is also one you can't avoid. We're here to help!

Here at the German Language site, help for your German assignments (Deutschaufgaben) is usually just a click away. This article is designed to help you find what you need when you need it. With a little patience (mit etwas Geduld), you'll learn to navigate around here easily. If you take the time to read this page, you'll be rewarded with a better understanding of how to find your way around this site. There's a lot of stuff, so it pays to know what you're doing!

Before we concentrate specifically on HOMEWORK, a quick word about an earlier article that can help with navigation in general at this site. Der Wegweiser, the directional sign, signpost or guide, was the theme of an article by that name. It lists the various places to head when you're looking for something at this site.

Below we list some pages specifically related to helping you with German homework.

On the left side of every page, including this one, you'll find a list of "Subjects" related to German. Each of these Subjects leads to links for that topic. One of the Subjects is "Homework Help" (described below). Another is "Grammar." For a complete list of all the Subjects for German, just click on Subject Library. Below we describe a few "Subjects" that you may find helpful for homework.

Homework Help
Let's start with the obvious choice. One of our "Subjects" listings is Homework Help. Under "Homework Help" you'll find articles about German grammar and vocabulary, reference pages, reviews of German materials and Web links related to German. Our German Forum (see below) also has a "Homework Help" section.

Grammatik: A German Grammar Guide
Besides Grammar in our "Subjects," we also offer a very helpful Grammatik page that lists all the grammar articles and reference pages at this site by category. If you're looking, for example, for help with verbs, you'll find it under the heading "Verbs and Conjugation."

Another one of our "Subjects" listings is Software. It links you to articles, reviews and links related to software for German. That includes language-learning programs, ultilities, and other types of software for German.

German for Beginners
Our free online German course offers lessons with grammar and vocabulary that may help you with your homework. There's no book required and you can start any time. Jump in at any lesson. New lessons are added on a regular basis.

German Chat
In our German Chat Rooms you can practice your German and/or ask homework questions. We even have special "Beginners Chat" sessions. The current Chat Schedule will tell you when.

German Chat:

German Forum
If you have German homework questions, try our German Forum. There's even a special "Homework" section where you can give or get answers to grammar or vocabulary questions. If you want to see the Current Topics in the Forum, just click away.

Tutor Directory
Still need more help? See our Tutor Directory for German-language tutoring in the US, Germany and the UK. Using the Directory, you can find German tutors online or in person.

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Obviously, we've only scratched the surface of the help you can find here. Please explore the site for more when you have time. And don't forget to use our "Search" feature when you need it. See the "Search for..." button at the top of every page.

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