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Good luck!

Good wishes in German for any occasion.

Holiday dates in German Europe.

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Digital Greeting Cards
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Kostenlose E-Karten auf Deutsch

Die Post(karte) ist da!

It's fun and it's free! In addition to our existing German e-card links, we've expanded our card service to include online greetings designed by your Guide for German Language, plus a selection of German cards from German sites. Now you can send an electronic greeting card (Grußkarte) or postcard (Postkarte) for free—using our German Digital Cards, our German Card Links for other German e-card services.

Either way, you can select and send a unique online greeting in German (or other languages) to anyone with an email address. We have German cards by your Guide in several categories. A sampling: Danke schön (Thank you), Schöne Bilder (Scenic Views), Geburtstag (Birthday), and Verschiedenes (Assorted). There are also greetings for holidays and special occasions. Watch for more cards and more categories added on a regular basis. We hope you'll enjoy this free card service from the German Language site at About.

As before, we still link to other German card sites with categories that include Allgemeine Grüße (General Greetings), Geburtstagsgrüße (Birthday Greetings), Animierte Geburtstagskarten (Animated Birthday Cards), Besondere Anlässe (Special Occasions), Liebesgrüße (Love Greetings), and more.

Some sites let you choose from a wide selection of photos and artwork to create your card. For uniquely German holidays (Tag der deutschen Einheit am 3. Oktober, etc.), German e-card services offer special cards. (Although Muttertag (Mother's Day) is on the same date in Germany and North America (but not in the UK), the German Vatertag isn't, so you can't always assume that all holidays will be on the same date. See our Feiertag-Kalender for holidays in German Europe.)

All of the online card providers, including our own card service, offer cards with German art/photos and text, and make it easy to add your personal message in German or any other language. Here at our site, for instance, you can select a scenic view of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria or the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg—among others—to send as a digital postcard at any time.

Need help with German first? You can find suitable German phrases by linking to our Congratulations! Good luck! feature and its accompanying Good Wishes Glossary (English-German) before you create your digital card. For German or US holiday vocabulary see our English-German glossaries for Christmas, Silvester/Neujahr (New Year) or Thanksgiving.

So, are you ready to send your own free digital German greeting card now?

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MORE > Verschicken Sie jetzt eine E-Karte!

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