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Guide Picks: Audio for German
German audio resources for beginners and advanced learners. These CDs, cassettes, and CD-ROMs can help you with your German pronunciation and listening skills (also see our German Pronunciation Guide). We have included both plain audio as well as computer software for German audio. NOTE: Products are not listed in ranked order.
1) Tell Me More - Auralog (Windows Software)
This computer program comes closer to the goal of interactivity than any other CD-ROM for German I have seen. It's probably the closest thing to a live human tutor on the market today. Available in beginner, intermediate, and advanced editions. See my review for more.
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2) Schau ins Land (Audio Magazine)
Schau ins Land is not a language course. It's better than a language course. Each month the producers of Schau ins Land send out a new edition of their audio magazine for German - on cassette or CD (with a printed script). Recorded and edited in Germany, each 60-minute monthly program reports on what's going on in German Europe in words and music.
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Publisher's Web Site: Schau-ins-Land.com
3) Language Adventure CD-ROM
Developed by Instinct Corporation with Stanford University researchers, teachers and children, the Language Adventure CD-ROM (aimed at kids) offers over 1000 interactive exercises for comprehension, vocabulary, composition and pronunciation. The imaginative program teaches words and phrases in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, and ESL.
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Publisher's Web Site: MagicTheatre.com
4) How to Pronounce German Correctly
This book and audio cassette package covers all major aspects of German pronunciation. Designed for students at the beginning through advanced levels, How to Pronounce German is a valuable supplement to any German course or self-study.
5) German: Complete Course - CD
This Living Language German course is truly complete and offers a solid basic introduction to the language for beginners (an advanced level course is also available). It comes with an instruction booklet, dictionary, and audio CD. Also available in a cassette version.
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6) Fodor's German for Travelers
This is a good basic book and audio cassette combination with over 3,800 words and useful phrases. A good choice for someone in a hurry to learn the essentials. But it's not a comprehensive course like the one above.
7) German - Pimsleur International
The Pimsleur name has long been associated with language learning. Available for various levels, the Pimsleur course uses a program with thirty 30-minute segments with lots of repetition.
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