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The Four German Cases: Summary - German Language - About.com
The four German cases (Part I) - an overview.: third person pronouns man bites dog german cases indefinite articles definite articles.
The Four German Cases: Accusative - Akkusativ - German Language
The four German noun cases - the accusative case.: masculine pronoun grammar point object accusative masculine article verb examples.
German Grammar: Prepositions and Cases - German Language
German grammar - prepositions and the cases that govern them.
What is a Case? (Computer Case, Tower, Chassis) - PC Support
Motherboards, computer cases and power supplies all come in different sizes called form factors. All three must be compatible to work properly together.
The Four German Cases: Genitive - Wesfall - German Language
The four German cases - the genitive case.: plural nouns genitive case german cases definite articles indefinite article.
The Four Cases: The Dative - German Language - About.com
The four German noun cases - the dative case.: object accusative dative case vital element indirect object german cases.
Cases - Latin and English Differences in Cases
English has lost most of its cases, so it may be hard to understand the cases of Latin.
German Nouns and Cases - German Language - About.com
All about German nouns and the four German cases.
The Four German Cases: The Nominative - Werfall
The four German cases - the nominative case.: german nouns masculine nouns personal pronouns gender words german dictionary.
Case - Definition and Examples of Grammatical Case
In English, nouns have only one case inflection: the possessive (or genitive). The case of nouns other than the possessive is sometimes called the common case ...
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