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German Language Lab - Audio - Listen to German
German audio for listening practice. An online language lab with exercises and more. Part of German for Beginners.
Audio/Listening to German - German Language - About.com
Listening resources for German - audio online, as MP3, on CD or other media.
Essential German 1 - AUDIO 1 - German Language - About.com
An Essential German 'phrase page' of essential words and expressions - AUDIO 1.
German ABC Pronunciation Guide - AUDIO German Text
German for Beginners - Audio to help you with German pronunciation.
German Audio: Words of the Week 2005
Listen to the German Words of the Week - audio for the 'Words of the Week' in 2005.
Top Picks: Audio for German
Top audio resources for German - on CD and cassette.
German for Beginners: Audio Alphabet Exercises - Quiz
German for Beginners: Audio Alphabet Exercises. An online course with exercises and references designed for beginners and intermediate learners who wish to ...
Language Lab - German Numbers - Listening Practice
German audio files for language practice with the numbers.
The German Alphabet - Learning the ABCs in German
The German alphabet is not that difficult to learn! Use the tips listed here and the audio pronunciation guide and you'll soon be on your way to learning the ABCs ...
Audiobooks in German - German Language - About.com
Books on CD, cassette, MP3, online, or in any audio format - for listening to fiction or non-fiction in German.
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