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German Language Lab - Audio - Listen to German
German audio for listening practice. An online language lab with exercises and more. Part of German for Beginners.
Audio/Listening to German - German Language - About.com
Listening resources for German - audio online, as MP3, on CD or other media.
Essential German 1 - AUDIO 1 - German Language - About.com
An Essential German 'phrase page' of essential words and expressions - AUDIO 1.
Audiobooks in German - German Language - About.com
Books on CD, cassette, MP3, online, or in any audio format - for listening to fiction or non-fiction in German.
German Reading: Bremer Stadtmusikanten AUDIO Listening
Audio for the German reading selection (Lesestück) 'Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten ' - The Bremen Town Musicians - Part 1.
Audio: Ger. for Beg. - Lesson 9-1 - German Language - About.com
Listen to words and phrases in Lesson 9 of German for Beginners. ... Audio > To listen to the following sentences in wav or mp3 audio format, click on "LISTEN" ...
Top Picks: Audio for German
Top audio resources for German - on CD and cassette.
German Audio: Words of the Week 2005
Listen to the German Words of the Week - audio for the 'Words of the Week' in 2005.
German ABC Pronunciation Guide - AUDIO German Text
German for Beginners - Audio to help you with German pronunciation.
German for Beginners: Audio Alphabet Exercises - Quiz
German for Beginners: Audio Alphabet Exercises. An online course with exercises and references designed for beginners and intermediate learners who wish to ...
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