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German expressions: Indicating Moods
A guide to German expressions indicating enthusiasm, indifference and displeasure.
Favorite German Words and Expressions - German Language
The favorite German expressions and words chosen by our readers and in the ' Most Beautiful German Word' contest in 2004.
German Expressions Well-Wishes - German Language - About.com
What's the right wording for a birthday card? What will you tell your friend before her performance? Below are several German expressions of well-wishing:.
German Idioms, Sayings, and Proverbs
A look at German idiomatic expressions, sayings, and proverbs. Includes English -German glossaries for this topic.
German Animal Expressions - German Language - About.com
Are you one of those people that can hear fleas cough? Confused? Not if you are German. Read what this really means in this article about animal expressions.
German Expressions With 'Hand' - German Language - About.com
A list of German expressions with 'Hand' useful in daily conversation.
German Expressions With Bunnies And Eggs, part 2
A listing of a few German expressions related to bunnies and eggs.
English-German Idioms: Contents - German Language - About.com
Our start page for common expressions, idioms, sayings, and proverbs in German and English.
German Expressions with 'Auge' (eye)
German proverbs and idiomatic expressions using 'Auge' (eye) - with their English meanings.
Expressing an Opinion in German - How to Express an Opinion in ...
German Expressions: How to Express an Opinion. Deine Meinung aŘ▀ern. By Ingrid Bauer · German Language Expert. Share this ...
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