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German Phrases - Useful Phrases When Travelling
By taking the train you will get to see much of the German landscape. Here is a handy list of useful German phrases that you might need while travelling by plane  ...
German for Travelers: The Basics - Travel Phrasebook
Useful basic German vocabulary and phrases for travelers to German-speaking Europe.
Essential German on One Page - German Phrasebook
ESSENTIAL GERMAN 1. Common Phrases, Getting Around. yes - no - maybe ja - nein - vielleicht yah - nine - fee-lycht, train - plane - car. Zug - Flugzeug - Auto
Learn Useful German Phrases and Words
Useful German Phrases: Learn German Phrases for your Germany travels; our German-English glossary has easy and useful German phrases and words, ...
Useful German Phrases for Train Travel - Germany Travel - About.com
German for Train Travel: Learn useful German phrases for train travel. Our German travel glossary offers useful German phrases related to train travel in ...
German Phrase - How to say 'I'm about to' in a German Phrase
German Phrases for 'I'm in the process of. Now I know that in English one doesn't usually use the phrase "I'm in the process of" as often as 'I'm (verb) right now.
German for Travelers: Useful German for Dining Out - Germany Travel
The English-German phrasebook includes common German phrases you can use in a restaurant like asking for the menu, ordering, and asking for the check in  ...
Essential German Greetings - How To Greet In German With Ease
Know when it is appropriate to address a German formally, when you can ... German Expressions: Wishes and Regrets · Useful German Phrases · How to Say 'I ...
German Phrase Book - Foreign Language and German Phrases
Whenever I travel, I try to learn a few words and phrases in the native ... This summer I added some new phrases to my basic German vocabulary by using a ...
Classroom Phrasebook 1 for Teachers and Students of German
Student Phrases. Below you'll find an English-German collection of phrases and expressions for the German-language classroom. This phrasebook is intended ...
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