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German Phrases - Useful Phrases When Travelling
By taking the train you will get to see much of the German landscape. Here is a handy list of useful German phrases that you might need while travelling by plane  ...
Essential German on One Page - German Phrasebook
An Essential German 'phrase page' of basic words and expressions - a phrasebook on one page.
German for Travelers: The Basics - Travel Phrasebook
Useful basic German vocabulary and phrases for travelers to German-speaking Europe.
Learn Useful German Phrases and Words
Useful German Phrases: Learn German Phrases for your Germany travels; our German-English glossary has easy and useful German phrases and words, ...
Useful German Phrases for Train Travel - Germany Travel - About.com
German for Train Travel: Learn useful German phrases for train travel. Our German travel glossary offers useful German phrases related to train travel in ...
German expressions: Indicating Moods
A guide to German expressions indicating enthusiasm, indifference and displeasure.
German Phrase - How to say 'I'm about to' in a German Phrase
If you would translate the phrase "I'm about to" into its literal German equivalent, you would get something like "Ich bin über zu." Of course, this German phrase ...
German for Travelers: Useful German for Dining Out - Germany Travel
The English-German phrasebook includes common German phrases you can use in a restaurant like asking for the menu, ordering, and asking for the check in  ...
German Expressions Well-Wishes - German Language - About.com
A German Expressions List of Well-Wishes. ... Below are several German expressions of well-wishing: Ich halte/drücke (dir) die Daumen. - I'll cross my fingers ...
Favorite German Words and Expressions - German Language
The favorite German expressions and words chosen by our readers and in the ' Most Beautiful German Word' contest in 2004.
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