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Special German-English Nouns Glossary - German Language
SPECIAL DER-NOUNS GLOSSARY Nouns that add -n, -en, or other endings in any case other than the nominative. See details in Part One. Examples: (AKK.) ...
German Adjectives as Nouns - German Language - About.com
These are nouns that have been formed from German adjectives. In this example, die refers to the implied object, namely die Blume/ the flower. So for instance if ...
Nouns - An English Grammar - W. M. Baskervill - Classic Literature
NOUNS. 1. In the more simple state of the Arabs, the nation is free, because each of her sons disdains a base submission to the will of a master -Gibbon.
Definition and Examples of Nouns in English
Most nouns have both a singular and plural form, can be preceded by an article and/or one or more adjectives, and can serve as the head of a noun phrase.
10 Facts About Spanish Nouns — Spanish Grammar for Beginning ...
10 facts about Spanish nouns with links to lessons for beginning and intermediate Spanish students.
Types of Nouns - Parts of Speech for ESL - English as 2nd Language
One of the most important types of words in English are nouns. Nouns are a part of speech that indicate people, things, objects, concepts, etc. There are seven ...
Identifying Nouns Parts of Speech Exercise - Grammar & Composition
This exercise will give you practice in recognizing nouns--the part of speech (or word class) used to name or identify people, places, things, qualities, or actions.
How to Use Possessive Nouns for ESL Learners
Review and guide to possessive forms focusing on possessive nouns including numerous examples, apostrophe placement and difficulties in singular and ...
French Nouns - Lessons on French Nouns
Learn all about French nouns and everything that goes along with them.
Making French Nouns Feminine and Plural - French Language
Like English nouns, nearly all French nouns have different forms for singular and plural. In addition, many French nouns that refer to people and animals have ...
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