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Audiobooks in German

Books on CD, cassette, MP3, online, or in any audio format - for listening to fiction or non-fiction in German.

Audiobooks in German - Hörbücher
Listening to German books is a great way to enjoy German fiction or non-fiction and expand your vocabulary.

Listening to Podcasts in German
A guide to finding and enjoying podcasts in German. Learn where to find them and how to subscribe and listen to them.

German in Your Palm
German eBooks on your PC, PDA, or handheld computer.

German and Your PDA
Even more about using a handheld PC, Palm PDA, or other mobile device for reading authentic German online — at home or on the road.

Let Your Computer Read to You in German!
The developers at AT&T Labshave come up with a synthetic-speech engine for German and several other languages that sounds very human and far exceeds anything I have ever heard from a computer before now.

Alphabet Garten
Books, audiobooks, and music in German for kids and their parents. Based in New Jersey.

Amazon.de - Bestsellers Audiobooks
What are the top-selling German-language audiobooks? From the German division of Amazon.

Diderot-Verlag - Hörbücher
Audiobooks by this German publisher. MP3, QuickTime, and Real audio samples.

German audiobooks in several formats, some as free downloads. Genres include: Kinder, Krimis, Literatur, Reise, Klassiker und Gedichte.

An onlineshop for audiobooks in German with many audio samples and clearly arranged information about the individual audiobooks. - "Willkommen bei hoerjuwel, Ihrem Hörbuchshop mit großer Auswahl und vielen Informationen zu den einzelnen Hörbüchern."

Märchenstraße - Audio Teasers
Hörbücher von LPL records - mit Hörproben als mp3.

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