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Bilingual Parenting and Familes

Helpful information and a collection of German and English Web links for parents trying to raise bilingual/multilingual kids.

Music Lingua
A review of the American-based company Music Lingua that teaches German to children.

Bilingual Family Group Support
A look at the ImF, a German association that helps parents raising multilingual children anywhere.

Bilingual Parenting
A personal account of raising kids to be bilingual in German and English. A guest feature by Nadine Lichtenberger.

German Nursery Rhymes
Young German children know and love the "Hoppe hoppe Reiter" rhyme. Parents in a bilingual situation will love our new collection of German rhymes for kids. And adults can can learn a lot from them, too.

German Songs for Children - Lyrics in German and English
German KINDERLIEDER with lyrics in German and English.

German Websites for Children
German Websites for Children.

Books - Bücher
Sources for German-language books online and off, plus our own Bookstore with a hand-picked selection of books and materials for German.

Deutsche Sommerschulen
German summer schools all over the world. Includes a schools directory.

German Chat
Chat about bilingual/multilingual matters in German or English. From your Guide.

German for Beginners
Our free online German course requires no book... and did we mention it's free?

German Forum
Exchange information in our two German Forums - in German or English.

Alphabet Garten
Books, audiobooks, and music in German for kids and their parents. Based in New Jersey.

Huge selection of German books, videos and music from Amazon.com's German division. Free delivery to addresses in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland! They also ship internationally, of course.

Bilingual Families Web Page
Cindy Kandolf's wonderful online resource for bilingual parenting in a variety of languages, including German.

Bilingual Parenting - BYU
For parents interested in raising their children in a foreign language (non-native language to BOTH parents). From Brigham Young University.

German and other "Books Online" from the German Barnes & Noble (Bertelsmann) online bookstore.

Books Without Borders - German
German and bilingual books, audio cassettes, and videos for children. From Books Without Borders in San Antonio, Texas.

A searchable online source of German and bilingual books for kids. "Europas größte Datenbank für Bücher, Software, CDs und Videos."

Famous Bilinguals and Multilinguals
The "Famous Bilingual Site" by Devin P. Brown at the University of Pittsburgh. Well-known English-speakers (actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, etc.) who speak German or another language in addition to English.

FIBEL Homepage
Fraueninitiative Bikulturelle Ehen und Lebensgemeinschaften. An Austrian organization for bilingual and bicultural families. New and improved Web site. In German.

Forum für binationale Paare und Familien in Deutschland
In German. A support group for international couples/families. A helpful and expanding site.

German Language Schools Conference
The GSLC is the national organization for private German language schools in the U.S. Links to member schools and other information.

German Shop - Books Videos
Fairy tale and cartoon videos in German, for children ages 3-9. From Books Without Borders. Some PAL videos.

German Videos for Children
From World of Reading.

The German Way Expat Page
Information and links of interest to English-speaking expats in German Europe. From The German Way and More Web site by Hyde Flippo.

The German Way Forum
A forum for the discussion of any topic related to living and working in the German-speaking world. Forum languages: English or German. From the German Way Web site.

Interessengemeinschaft für deutschsprachige im Ausland (Interest Group for German-Speakers Abroad). Links, Infos und noch mehr! Auf deutsch. Also see the IDA mailing lists/forums below.

Interest Group for German-Speakers Abroad: Eine ganz lockere Liste -- unbegrenzte Mails, unbegrenzte Themen, keine Verpflichtungen. Listensprache Deutsch.

Interest Group for German-Speakers Abroad: Speziell für Kinderthemen gedacht, also Zweisprachigkeit, Geburtstage, Kinderbücher/-spiele/-videos, Spielgruppen, etc. Listensprache Deutsch.

ImAusland Liste
Diese Liste behandelt die allgemeinen Auslandsthemen (Reisebeschreibungen, Fremdsprache, Auslandskarriere, Rezepte, Internet, usw.) ImAusland hat über 100 Mitglieder in allen Kontinenten der Welt (außer Antarktis).

The ImF forum (in English and German) helps families stay in contact and set up other-language play groups. From the Interest Group for Multilingual Families.

ImF - Interessengemeinschaft mehrsprachiger Familien
The German ImF (Interest Group for Multilingual Families) publishes all materials in both German and English. See the ImF forum above.

International Couples - Germany
A forum for binational couples. Also links to the main International Couples Web site.

Interview with an Expat Mom in Austria
An interesting interview with an American mother of two living in Linz, Austria. Lots of practical information about raising bilingual kids and coping with cultural differences. From The German Way and More Web site by Hyde Flippo.

A German site with fun stuff in German for kids and families, including the monthly Die Maus.

KinA Magazine
A quarterly bilingual magazine "helping kids in America learn German."

Kinderreime - Rund ums Baby
Das ist der Daumen, der schüttelt die Pflaumen...

Languages for thought: the more the better
Don’t worry, according to Ellen Bialystok, a professor at York University in Toronto and a leading researcher in bilingualism and cognition, “there is not a shred of evidence” that bilingualism causes children any confusion. - From RunSpotRun.com

Multilingual Matters - Books
An international publisher based in Great Britain. Books dealing with multicultural and bilingual education.

Passport to Learning
Children's books in German and other languages.

Tips, tricks, reviews and other resources for German-speaking bilingual families anywhere in the world.

World of Reading
Foreign language and ESL software for children and adults, as well as books, tapes, DVDs and videos in over 90 languages.

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