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Cartoon and Comic Book Characters in German - Fun Links

Information about and links for comic book, cartoon, and film characters in German, plus other miscellaneous fun links for German.

Lachend lernen: Laugh and Learn German
An article on German humor and how you can use it to learn more German. With links to German humot online.

A Funny German Western? Der Schuh des Manitu
This German movie, a satire of the Karl May Western stories, was a huge comedy hit in Germany. Why doesn't it translate very well into English?

Disney Character Glossary
An annotated English-German glossary with German vocabulary related to Disney comic book and film characters.

Looney Tunes Characters in German
A glossary of Warner Bros. cartoon characters. What's Porky Pig's name in German?

The official German site for the European comic character Asterix.

A German Web ring for the comic character Asterix auf Deutsch.

Donald Duck, Micky Maus und mehr...
"Comics from the Egmont Ehapa Verlag.

Find out what Germans consider funny. Cartoons and jokes from Stern magazine. Von Hägar bis Tetsche. In German.

Loriots heile Welt
The popular German cartoonist and humorist Loriot is on the Web. Find out what his real name is. In German.

Rotkäppchen - Ein Märchen im Wandel der Zeit
An updated version of Little Red Riding Hood for our times. A German satire.

Titanic - Satiremagazin
Online edition of this popular German satire magazine.

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