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DVD, Video, and TV in German

DVD and video reviews plus sources of video materials and TV in German. Includes films in German and about German-speaking cultures.
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German TV - Watch TV In German
Readers share their favorite tv programs for learners.

Film DVD Review: Die Fälscher - The Counterfeiters
A review of the 2007 Austro-German co-production 'Die Fälscher' on DVD. 'The Counterfeiters' (US title) won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in February 2008.

DVD Review: Das Leben der Anderen - The Life of Others
A review of the German film 'Das Leben der Anderen' on DVD. A strong ensemble cast that includes Martina Gedeck ('Mostly Martha") and Ulrich Mühe portrays the dark (Stasi) side of East Germany in an award-winning, uplifting film.

DVD Guide for German
Everything you need to know about buying, viewing and enjoying DVDs for German. Includes a how-to guide for changing the region code on your computer for playing German Code 2 DVDs.

German Movie Guide
We've got lots of German cinema resources. This page links directly to most of them -- from current German feature films to classic films of the past in German.

German Television in North America
The American Dish Network satellite TV service provides a German-language package with three channels in German. Learn more about Deutsche Welle's DW-TV, the commercial broadcaster ProSiebenSat1 Welt, and EuroNews - for viewers in the U.S.

Best German Films for German-Learners
Which films—in German or English—are the best ones for anyone learning German? Heres a helpful guide to the best films for German-learners and where to find them on DVD or video.

Matt Damon is BOURNE in Berlin in the spy thriller THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. This Hollywood film, also starring the German actress Franka Potente, is set in Berlin. Not only does Berlin serve as Berlin but also as Munich, Amsterdam, Naples, and Moscow! Learn more about the film's Berlin locations in this Studio Babelsberg production.

DVD Regional Codes & German
All about region codes and how to deal with them when playing German DVDs.

DVD Review: Rammstein Lichtspielhaus
A review of the Rammstein music DVD 'Lichtspielhaus' - a music video and live concert DVD by the German musical group Rammstein.

DVD Review: 'Rammstein - Live aus Berlin'
A review of the music DVD 'Rammstein - Live aus Berlin' - a live concert held by the German musical group in Berlin in 1998.

Das Wunder von Bern
Soenke Wortmann's 'Das Wunder von Bern' -- a film about the German soccer miracle of 1954. A DVD review.

Film DVD Review: Downfall
A review of the German film DOWNFALL on DVD. Swiss actor Bruno Ganz ("Wings of Desire") is Hitler in his final days in Berlin. This movie on a very touchy German subject caused quite a stir in its homeland. The film, with an all-star German cast, is based on the non-fiction bestseller Der Untergang by Joachim Fest and the memoirs of Hitler's secretary, Traudl Junge ("Blind Spot").

German Movie Reviews
A look at the latest German-language films as well as cinema classics from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Reviews by your Guide.

German Language Movies on DVD
A selection of films on DVD related to the German language and culture.

Beyond Silence (1997)
DVD (Jenseits der Stille) in German with English subtitles.

Das Boot - The Director's Cut
DVD in German with English subtitles

German DVD and Video Guide
The starting point for all of our DVD and video information for German. Reviews and sources of videos, info on DVD region codes, and much more.

German Video Highlights
A look at new ("Princess & Warrior") and classic ("Wings of Desire") German films on DVD and video in North America. From your Guide.

Lola's Running on Video
"Run Lola Run" is out on DVD/video in North America. Facts, exercises, links! Interesting, and a great resource for teachers of German! From your Guide.

Martin Luther: The Movie and the Man
Will the new "Luther" movie finally stop the confusion between the American civil-rights leader and his German namesake? One started the Protestant Reformation, the other started a different reformation. A look at this big-budget English-language film shot on location in Germany.

Movie Titles in German
What happens to Hollywood movie titles when they're translated into German? An interesting look at Hollywood films in Germany - with an English-German title glossary.

Review: 'In Search of the Third Man'
This book was not quite what I expected. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? This classic film noir was shot in Vienna.

Review: 'Wings of Desire' on DVD
Those of us who fell in love with Wim Wenders' angelic Berlin film when it was first released in 1987 have long hoped for something better than the mediocre VHS video version. The new DVD release of Wings of Desire highlights the original rich black-and-white/color imagery. Plus there are special features that will appeal to German-learners.

Sources for German Language Videos
Online and other sources of German videos in either PAL or NTSC (North American) formats.

Streaming Video FAQ
How do you view German television or video on the Web? Here's a helpful FAQ that answers the most frequently asked questions about streaming audio and video.

The THIRD MAN in the German Classroom
The classic film noir THE THIRD MAN - set in 1948 Vienna - is an excellent resource for the German classroom, especially with our new film worksheets for the German dialogues in the film.

German Videostore
A selection of DVDs and videos related to the German language and Germanic culture. Includes newer German films and the classics of German cinema.

The German-Hollywood Connection
Hollywood's Germanic influences span from its very beginnings to the present day. Information, photos, links. By Hyde Flippo.

Lernort Kino
A German site devoted to using movies for learning.

World Film - Independent Film
Reviews of German and other foreign-language films.

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