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Games, Exercises, and Tests for German

German learning games, exercises, quizzes, and tests. Practice and test your German in the areas of grammar, vocabulary, or culture.
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German Dialogue
A German dialogue about ordering. Includes vocabulary and comprehension questions.

Webhunts for German: Introduction
An introduction to learning German with fun web exercises and web hunts - with links to German web hunt exercises.

Games, Quizzes, and Exercises
A guide to all of our games, quizzes and exercises for German - from beginner to advanced, from grammar to culture.

German Proficiency Tests and Certification
A guide to German proficiency tests and German-language certification. Which German examination should you take and who offers it? Such tests range from the basic Zertifikat Deutsch to the Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (for business German).

Germanic Trivia - German Cultural & Language Trivia
Assorted trivia and facts related to the German language and the history of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

German Negation
About German Negation Answers

German Word Games
Have some fun reviewing vocabulary with these online Java word games - hangman and word searches for German.

German Games Directory
German games from A to Z: Sources, products, reviews. From your Guide.

Answers To German Exercises
Answers To German Exercises.

Playing Games in German
Games in German are a fun way to learn the language. An article by your Guide - with resource links.

Wer bin ich? - Ein biografisches Ratespiel
A German guessing game. - Probieren Sie mal unser biografisches Ratespiel! Von einer kurzen Biografie einer berühmten (oder nicht so berühmten) Persönlichkeit muss man raten, wer das ist.

Photo Fun
Fun exercises based on photos of everyday sights in German Europe, from your Guide.

Denkaufgaben 1
Part of a series of science, word, and math puzzles in German by Andreas Wichmann.

Funagain Games
A source of German and other imported board and card games. Use their search feature (type in "German") to find over 400 German games!

German Computer Games (PC)
Various arcade, card, and word games for German - from GameAlbum.com.

German Boardgame Company
A Canadian vendor of board games in German. US customers can take advantage of the Canadian dollar exchange rate. Visa and MC accepted.

"German" Games FAQ
Who knew? It seems that "German games" is a category of games characterized as a genre of "family strategy" or "designer" games of a hybrid nature and with "crossover" appeal. A rec.games.board FAQ by Keith Ammann.

Die Geschichte von Scrabble
The history of the game in German from the Swiss Scrabble site. Alfred Butts?

Hasbro Germany
Hasbro's German Web site offers its board games plus a few online games.

janko.at - Rätsel, Puzzles und anderer Denksport
A collection of logic and numbers puzzles in German.

Kulkmann's G@mebox - German Games
Reviews of many German board and card games. In English.

Language Games - German
Various online German games (hangman, word search, crosswords, etc.) from LanguageGames.org.

Quia - Top German Activities
Java games and other activities for German. These activities have been created by Quia's subscribers and are of varying quality.

The official Swiss Scrabble site. In German.

Mattel's German Scrabble site - in German.

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