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Webhunts for German: Introduction

German Web Exercises


Web Exercises for German
Here's an introduction to our special Web exercises and scavenger hunts (die Schnitzeljagd/die Schatzsuche) for German.

In German a Geländespiel or Schnitzeljagd is a type of scavenger hunt or game in which the participants wander about a town, district, or area in search of specific historical, factual, or other information about the location. Our Webgeländespiele are much the same thing, except the territory is a virtual one and it combines elements of a German scavenger and a treasure hunt. The winner of what we call a "Webhunt" is anyone who completes the assigned tasks and finds the information required. (In a classroom situation, the teacher may want to award bonus points to the first ten students who complete the Web assignment accurately, but that is up to the teacher.)

A Webhunt is designed to take you to German-language Web sites that can help you learn both language and culture. Most of our Webhunts are aimed at learners of German who have gotten past the basics. It should not be too difficult for most advanced beginners, but at the same time offer a reasonable challenge for intermediate or even advanced learners. The estimated time to complete a Webhunt is about 30-45 minutes.

Some Simple Guidelines
You are allowed to use a dictionary, the English part of dual-language sites, or any other aids to complete each task, but your answers must be taken from the indicated source. Any evidence of "fudging" or evidence of non-compliance with the rules and spirit of the Webhunt may disqualify you from receiving an answer key. (In a classroom setting, only the teacher should email me for an answer key. See our rules for getting a key on the Webhunt Instructions page.) Note: Since Web sites are constantly changing, we can't guarantee that the activities and answers will always match exactly.

Our German-language Webhunts are not only intended to help you learn German, but also to show you how the world-wide Web can enhance and expand your German skills and cultural knowledge. (Some of our German Web exercises include listening tasks using Web audio and other media.) We hope that our Webhunts will be an interesting and fun online experience. - Viel Vergnügen! (Have a good time!)

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