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Germanic Genealogy

Genealogy resources, how-to's, German-English glossaries, and other help for tracing your Germanic roots.
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Contents - Germanic Genealogy
A contents page with links to all of the genealogy articles and references at this site. Start here to find features, glossaries and links for anything related to Germanic genealogy.

The Top 50 German Surnames and Their English Meanings
A ranked listing of the top German 50 surnames in Germany - with their English meanings.

What's in a (German) Name?
An interesting look at the last names of well-known Germans, Austrians, and Swiss personalities, living and dead. Where do these names come from? What is their meaning? Decoding surnames is a tricky business and many family names are not what they appear to be. Find out more about names of people with names such as Adenauer, Daimler, Klum, Mozart, Schwarzenegger, or Weissmuller.

English-German Geographic Dictionary - Historic Place Names
This special English-German gazetteer (Ortslexikon) lists the names of towns and regions that have new names or are even now in a different country. Helpful for genealogical and historic research.

Germanic Genealogy FAQs
Frequently asked questions about tracing one's Germanic roots.

German Roots: A Personal Search
Lessons from the field: The true story of one family's quest for genealogical documents in a small German town. With tips, photos, and sample documents in German and English.

German and Genealogy
Getting started. An article with tips for finding your Germanic roots. Includes useful German vocabulary. From your Guide.

From Hamburg to Amerika
About finding your Germanic roots via passenger lists. From your Guide.

German Place Names
Part Three of a three-part article on German names, from your Guide.

German Surnames and Their Meanings
Learn the meaning of many German last names. Part 2 of a three-part article on German names, from your Guide.

Genealogy - About.com
Information and resources for genealogy research and tracing your roots from the About.com genealogy Guide.

Germany GenWeb
Information and links to online resources to help in Germanic genealogy research. Also see the "Resources" link at the top of this page for more online resources.

Germany Info: German-Americans
An interesting survey of German immigration and German ancestry in the USA. From the German Embassy's 'Germany Info' Web site.

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