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Adverbs of Cause



Adverbs of cause indicate the reason, purpose or consequence of a statement:

Ich war krank, deshalb bin ich nicht gekommen. (I did not come because I was sick.)

Adverbs of cause are also called “text” adverbs (Textadverbien), because they combine parts of sentences together. As well, they sometimes stand as a substitute for conjunctions:

Sei ruhig, sonst mußt du das Haus verlassen.
(Be quiet or else you’ll need to leave the house.)

Here are more examples of adverbs of cause.

also - so
darum - around that, therefore
doch - however, surely
insofern - so far
jedenfalls - in any case
nämlich - namely
somit - so, consequently
sonst/anderenfalls - otherwise
seinetwegen - for his sake
trotzdem - nevertheless
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