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German Adverbs of Place



The following sentence has da as a German adverb of place.

Das Kind ist da. (The child is there.)

Adverbs of place indicate where the action takes place and can be subdivided into adverbs of location and adverbs of direction. Adverbs of location are answered by the question wo (where) such as:

Die Katze schläft unten. (The cat is sleeping downstairs.)
Wo schläft die Katze? Unten.

On the other hand, adverbs of direction answer the question wohin (where to) or woher/ von wo? (from where):

Der Frosch hüpft in die Schachtel hinein. (The frog is jumping into the box.)
Wohin hüpft der Frosch? In die Schachtel hinein.

Also, as in English, it is possible to combine two adverbs of place. Some are written as two separate words and some are written together. For example: Ist die Maus da drin? (Is the mouse in there?) Wie gehst du dorthin? (How are you going over there?)

The following is a list of some common adverbs of place.

aufwärts/ abwärts - upwards/downwards
außen/ innen - out, on the outside/within
da/ hier - there/here
dahin/dorthin/hierhin - over there/ over here
draußen/ drinnen - outside/inside
droben/drüben - above (there)/ over there
geradeaus - straight ahead
herauf/hinauf - upwards
heraus/hinaus - out of
herein/ hinein - into
heüber/ hinüber - over here/ over there
herunter/hinunter - down
links/ rechts - left/ right
nach links/ nach rechts - to the left/ to the right
nirgendwo (nirgends)/ irgendwo - nowhere/somewhere
oben /unten - up/ down
unterwegs - on the way
überall - everywhere
vorn/hinten - in front/ behind
vorwärts/ rückwärts - forwards/ backwards
woanders - somewhere else
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