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German Sentence Word Order Tip

When Using Adverbs as Conjunctions


When linking two German phrases with a conjunction, the word order of the second phrase will be as follows:

Ich gehe ins Bett, denn ich bin müde - I'm going to bed, because I am tired.

However adverbs indicating cause (such as darum, trotzdem, sonst, so) can also at times be used to link two German phrases. In such cases they are operating as conjunctions, however the word order will not be the same as in the example above. Instead, the sentence will be constituted as follows:

Ich bin kalt, darum ziehe ich meinen Mantel an - I am cold, that's why I'm putting my coat on.

As the example demonstrates, the verb is placed right after the adverb, whereas with a conjunction, the verb will come after the pronoun or noun.
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