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Suffixes in German Adjectives II

From Verb to Adjective


Many German words can be converted into adjectives by adding suffixes. There are several options of suffixes that contribute to different meanings for adjectives. See below for ways that verbs can be changed into adjectives.
Please note that suffixes are added to the verb-stem. (See also Suffixes in German Adjectives I.)

SuffixPossible Meaning Example
-barthat it can be done Deine Schrift ist nicht lesbar./ Your handwriting is not legible.
-sam a trait of someone, something Das Kind ist gehorsam./ The child is obedient.
-haft to accentuate a certain trait Dieses Fest ist sehr lebhaft./ This party is very lively.
-ig the condition or state of something, someone is Das Papier ist klebrig./ The paper is sticky.
-(er)isch the manner of someone, something Sie ist immer sehr träumerisch./ She is always very day-dreamy.
-lich the manner of someone, something Seine Loyalität ist fraglich./ His loyalty is questionable.
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