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Easter Games

Played in German-Speaking Countries


Easter Games


Rolling eggs down a hill is also tradition in Germany and other German-speaking countries, found in games such as Ostereierschieben and Eierschibbeln. Further traditional games include:

  • Zwänzgerle: A Zurich game, where children with hard-boiled eggs stand on one side and adults on the other. Adults throw a Zwänzgi ( a Swiss coin) at the egg. If the coin gets stuck in the egg, then the adult keeps his Zwänzgi and the egg, otherwise the child keeps them. Watch this Zurich game.

  • Ostereierditschen: The goal of the game is to try to break your opponent's hard-boiled egg. In turn, the players tap each other's eggs with the tip of their egg. The person whose egg outlasts all other eggs, wins.

  • Osterhasseln: This game involves throwing a round piece of wood, similar to a frisbee (der Hassel), at the opposing team. To win, the Hassel has to land beyond the line marked on the opposing team's space. The opposing team players can only use their legs to stop the Hassel. Osterhasseln is a game specific to Buldern , Westphalia, whereby those from the western part of town play against those from the east. The losing team gathers the wood and straw for next Easter's bonfire. Watch Osterhasseln in Buldern
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