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German Expressions with 'Auge'

German Idioms


German Idioms and Expressions with 'Auge'

Expressions and Idioms with 'Auge'

5. Geh mir aus den Augen!

English Meaning: Get out of my sight! / Get out of my face!

Literal translation: Go out of my eyes!

Comment: This German idiom is an impolite way of telling someone to get away or stay away from you.

6. Ich habe doch Augen im Kopf!

English Meaning: I know what I saw!

Literal translation: After all, I do have eyes in my/the head!

Comment: This German "eye" expression can also be used negatively: Hast du keine Augen im Kopf? (Haven't you got any eyes in your head? / Use your eyes!)

7. Augen wie ein Luchs haben

English Meaning: to have eagle eyes / eyes like a hawk / be eagle-eyed / not miss a thing

Literal translation: to have eyes like a lynx

Comment: The German idiom uses a wildcat rather than birds of prey for comparison. German does the same with the expression aufpassen wie ein Luchs, "to watch like a hawk."

8. mit einem blauen Auge davonkommen

English Meaning: to get off lightly / get off with barely a scratch

Literal translation: to come away with [just] a black eye

Comment: In German a "black eye" is blue (as in "black and blue"). This idiom implies that it could have been worse than just a black eye.

9. Jetzt gehen mir die Augen auf!

English Meaning: Now I'm beginning to see the light!

Literal translation: Now my eyes are opening!

Comment: In German the idiom emphasizes the eyes opening, rather than "seeing the light."

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