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Da Wird Der Hund In Der Pfanne Verrückt

German Expression


German Expression: Da wird der Hund in der Pfanne verrückt

Meaning: To be very surprised, shocked or upset.

Literal Meaning: The dog in the pan is turning crazy.

Examples Unglaublich! Er hat den ersten Platz gewonnen! Na, da wird doch der Hund in der Pfanne verrückt!
Unbelievable! He won first place! That’s crazy!

Use it when: You are completely surprised or outrageously shocked

History: This expression stems from a story about Till Eulenspiegel. Eulenspiegel was working for a farmer who had a dog named Hopf. One day, the farmer had to go to town on an errand and informed Eulenspiegel that he needed to make beer while he was away. His parting words to the buffoon were: “Mein guter Eulenspiegel, pass auf, dass du beim Bierbrauen alles richtig machst! Besonders sorgfältig must du den Hopfen kochen.” (My dear Eulenspiegel, make sure that you do everything correctly when you brew the beer! Particularly you must carefully cook the hops.) Eulenspiegel, who takes everything literally went and took the farmer’s dog instead of the hops. He threw the dog onto the pan where the dog jumped crazily in pain. Needless to say, the farmer kicked Eulenspiegel out when he found out what he had done.

Similar Phrases:
Es ist nicht zu fassen!
Es ist nicht zu glauben!
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