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German Expression: 'Nur Bahnhof verstehen'



German Expression: Nur Bahnhof verstehen.

Meaning: It's all Greek to me.

Literal Meaning: To understand only train station.

Examples: Ich verstehe nur noch Bahnhof.
Sag mir nichts mehr, ich verstehe nur noch Bahnhof.

Used When: You don't understand something and don't really care either. In most recent years, this expression has also been used to mean that one cannot understand acoustically what the other person is saying.

History: This German expression stems from World War I when the train was the main transportation of the day. For German soldiers fed up with a much longer than anticipated war, the train station became a symbol for the return back home. Therefore a soldier hoping to soon return safely back home would say "ich verstehe nur noch Bahnhof', meaning he really didn't care about much else than to go home.

Similar Phrases:
Ich kann und will auch nicht verstehen.
Es ist mir egal.
Er hat Bohnen in den Ohren.
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