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Seine Felle davonschwimmen sehen

German Expression


German Expression: Seine Felle davonschwimmen sehen .

Meaning:It’s a lost cause.

Literal Meaning: To see your fur swim away.

„Glaubst du, wir werden dieses Spiel gewinnen?“
„ Nein (Nee), ich sehe schon unsere Felle davonschwimmen.“

Use it when: When you want to express that something is hopeless, despite all your hard work.

History: This expression possibly stems from the tanning industry, back when tanners did their work in a river. Tanning requires a lot of rinsing and soaking and so if one of their hides accidentally got dragged by the river, it would be a big loss of invested work.

Similar Phrases:

Seine Interessen gefährdet sehen; Seine Hoffnungen aufgeben

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