1. Education
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Employment Agencies and Job Sites

Employment agencies and job sites for finding German-related jobs – with a German company anywhere or with a firm in German Europe.

Arbeitsamt online

The official German government job agency, die Bundesanstalt für Arbeit. In German.

Bilingual Jobs

A career resource for bilingual professionals. Free to international job seekers, but very weak in German offerings.


Stellenangebote, Stellensuche, plus news and job advice - in German.

CESAR - Stellenmärkte und Jobagenturen

One of the most comprehensive German job links list on Web. In German from CESAR.

DoD Dependent Schools

The main US DoDDS education site. Also see the DoDEA Personnel Center link below.

DoDEA Personnel Center

Lists positions at elementary, middle, and high schools in Germany and other parts of the world. Also other DoDDS positions available in Europe.

Expat Network

A UK-based overseas jobs directory of "hundreds of jobs worldwide."


"Das deutsche Businessportal". Business connections and Jobs/Careers Info from German-Business.de.

Monster.com - German

Try a search for "German" at Monster.com. Find job listings with German as a keyword.
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