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Learning Games for German

Games and puzzles to help you learn German.

German Games Directory
German games from A to Z: Sources, products, reviews. From your Guide.

German Web Hunts
An introduction to our online scavenger hunts for German language and culture - a fun way to learn German.

German Word Games
Have some fun reviewing vocabulary with these online Java word games - hangman and searches for German.

Photo Fun
Fun exercises based on photos of everyday sights in German Europe, from your Guide.

Playing Games
Games in German are a fun way to learn the language. An article by your Guide.

Wer bin ich? - Ein biografisches Ratespiel
A German guessing game. - Probieren Sie mal unser biografisches Ratespiel! Von einer kurzen Biografie einer berühmten (oder nicht so berühmten) Persönlichkeit muss man raten, wer das ist.

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