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German Music and Songs

Information about performers, songs, lyrics and other German music-related topics.
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German Music
German Music

German Song Lyrics
German and English lyrics to popular songs and Christmas carols from Austria and Germany.

German Lullabies
Translation of three very well known German lullabies.

Translation: Im Märzen der Bauer
Translation of 'Im Märzen der Bauer.'

Im Märzen der Bauer
About German folk song "Im Märzen der Bauer."

German Music: Denglisch - German and English Lyrics
German and English lyrics for the Wise Guys song 'Denglisch' - from the CD 'Radio'

German Music: ich + ich - Du erinnerst mich an Liebe
German and English lyrics for the ich + ich song 'Du erinnerst mich an Liebe.'

German Music: Die Prinzen: 'Küssen verboten'
German and English lyrics for the Prinzen song 'Küssen verboten.'

Die Vögel wollten Hochzeit halten
A popular German folksong.

Tokio Hotel - and Other German Rock Bands You May Not Have Heard of
German bands are gaining popularity in Germany and around the world - despite singing mostly in German.

Austrian Music: Wolfgang Ambros Song Lyrics
About Wolfgang Ambros and his songs - in German and English.

The Beatles in German
In 1964 in a Paris recording studio, the Beatles recorded two of their hit songs in German. The German lyrics had been hurriedly written by a Luxembourger named Camillo Felgen. Learn more about the Beatles' German recordings...

Deutsche Schlager: German Hit Songs
German hit tunes ('Schlager') from the 1950s and '60s can be ideal for German-learners, offering simple lyrics and listenable tunes. A look at German musical history and an interesting musical resource for German.

Vögel wollten Hochzeit halten
Translation of popular German folksong 'Vögel wollten Hochzeit halten.'

Using German Music in the German Classroom - Song Lyrics
Information and resources for using German music to help teach German culture and vocabulary. German songs and music - from Christmas carols to rock and rap.

Downloading German Songs from iTunes
Mac and Windows users can now download German songs by German artists from Apple's U.S. iTunes Music Store. Although the selection is not as comprehensive as that available from the German iTunes Store, it has improved a lot.

German Pop Music: The Sound of Music... and Lyrics
An overview of German popular music and its use in the German classroom.

Austrian Artists and Groups - Song Lyrics
Not all German music is "German"! There are many popular Austrian artists and groups - from Falco to STS. With song lyrics.

Top Picks: German Music CDs
A selection of the best German music CDs generally available in North America.

Before You Buy German Music CDs
Some tips on what you need to know to find and buy German music on CD or cassette.

German National Anthem - Deutschlandlied
The German and English words to Gerany's national anthem.

Herbert Grönemeyer - German Music
He's one of Germany's biggest musical artists, with over 10 million recordings sold and 13 platinum albums. He was in DAS BOOT, yet he's virtually unknown in the English-speaking world! More about Grönemeyer, his new hit CD, and his song lyrics.

MfG and the Fanta4 - The German Abbreviations in the Song 'MfG'
If you want to test your mastery of the German alphabet, there's no better way than this great rap song by Die Fantastischen Vier. Complete with lyrics, a full abbreviations glossary, and a short quiz.

Rammstein für Deutschlernende
The German heavy metal band Rammstein has become popular in the US and internationally. But do you really know what their lyrics mean? Here's a guide to the group and their music.

Deutsche Musik heute
When Germans listen to German music today, what do they listen to? What German groups have the sounds and words YOU want to hear? Here's a primer to help you get started in finding and listening to today's German music - from "Deutschrock" to rap!

Deutsche Schlager: German Goldies for Beginners
It's true that deutsche Schlager are not really “in” these days, especially the old, sentimental ones from the '60s and '70s sung by German pop stars. But despite their lack of coolness and the distain of today's music generation in Germany, such German golden oldies are actually ideal for German-learners in many ways. Find out why you should be listening to German oldies!

German Music Database: Artist and Song List - Cory.de
German song lyrics listed by artist and song.

Top-Lyrics.de - Songtexte
An extensive collection of German song lyrics, both for German and international artists.

Volkslieder - German Folk Songs
Lyrics for hundreds of German songs.

"Der Kuckuck Und Der Esel"
Lyriks to the German folk song "Der Kuckuck und der Esel" (The cuckoo and the donkey) plus a cloze exercise

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