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More German Rock Bands

New bands and those with a long track record


Other German Rock, Metal, and Hip-Hop Bands / Performers
(Both new bands and bands with a long track record - in alphabetical order)
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2raumwohnung ("2room apt.")
Inga Humpe, known from her NDW days, and the Berlin electronic musician Tommi Eckart did the music for a 40-second TV spot for a cigarette brand -- and became a hit and a duo known as 2raumwohnung. Their 2007 CD album "36 Grad" has been a bestseller.

Die Ärzte (lit. "The Doctors")
Popular punk rock band from Berlin first founded in 1982. After breaking up in 1989, Die Ärzte reunited in 1993, three years after German reunification. They modestly call themselves "Die beste Band der Welt." Web: www.bademeister.com.

The Bosshoss
Country-western music from Berlin! The seven-man group calls its own music "country trash punk rock."

Element of Crime
Another Berlin band -- this one a rock group formed in 1985. The band takes its name from a film by Lars von Trier. For their 2007 album, "Mittelpunkt der Welt," Element of Crime earned their first gold record.

Einstürzende Neubauten (lit. "Collapsing new structures")
Berlin experimental / post-industrial band first formed in 1980.

Die Fantastichen Vier
German hip hop band with many hits, including the classic Mfg.

Herbert Grönemeyer
Popular German singer who has been producing hits since the 1980s. His lyrics are like German free verse, poetry set to music, but not always easy to understand - even if you know German!

ich + ich
The music and lyrics of the unlikely duo of 56-year-old singer/producer Annette Humpe and the 29-years-younger (male) singer Adel Tawil have been termed "pop for adults."

Juli ("July")
Formerly known as "Sunnyglade," this German band (from Hessen) has had much more success since 2001, when the five members changed their name to Juli and began singing in German. Because Juli also has a female lead singer, the group is sometimes compared to Wir sind Helden.

Klee ("Clover")
Suzie, Tom, and Sten come from Cologne (Köln). Klee gave over 120 concerts last year (including in London and Amsterdam) and also toured with Nena (at her request).

Udo Lindenberg
A German rocker now in his 60s, Udo has aged well - like a good wine.

Machinemade God
German metal

Five-man German indie-rock band named for the three Madsen brothers who helped found it.

Industrial metal band with fans in the U.S. and around the world.

Five-man rock band from Mannheim, formed only in 2005. Web: www.re-flexx.de

Silbermond (lit. "Silver Moon")
German rock band from Bautzen, Saxony. The band consists of Stefanie Kloss, Andreas Nowak and Johannes and Thomas Stolle. The band members originally met in 1998 when they participated in a music project. Two years later they began performing locally under the name "Mauerschützen." In 2001 they changed their name to Silbermond, and began concentrating on songs with German lyrics for the first time.


Ton Steine Scherben

Wir sind Helden (lit. "We are heroes")
This group's latest CD album ("SOUNDSO"), with its songs in German, has become a bestseller in Germany, helped by clever lyrics and catchy musical arrangements.

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