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Nouns and Cases

All about German nouns and the four German cases.

Capitalization in German
German is the only world language that requires the capitalization of all nouns. But once you get past that easy rule, the German capitalization rules can be a bit more tricky. Here's a lesson to help you write better German.

Sentence Structure When Using the Accusative and Dative
Tips on how to form the sentence structure when using the accusative and dative cases.

The Four German Cases: Summary
A survey of the four German cases and their forms in articles, nouns, and prepositions.

Declination of German Names
How German names are declined.

Gender Hints
Der, die, or das? It's not always easy to tell the gender of German nouns. Here's some help.

German Noun Suffixes and Gender
A closer look at some reliable ways to predict the gender of some German nouns.

Tricky Masculine Nouns in German
There is a class of masculine German nouns that do things most German nouns don't do. In certain grammatical situations these nouns have endings that most other nouns don't have. Learn more in this lesson on German nouns with irregular endings.

German Compound Words
A lesson on German compound words.

Writing Dates
Writing German Dates.

Adjectives as Nouns
A lesson on adjectives as nouns.

German Cases Charts
German Cases chart with printable version. (pdf)

German Cases Chart: Indefinite Articles
German Cases Chart of indefinite articles with pdf printable version.

German Nouns
German Nouns - Different Types Of German Nouns

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