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Brieffreundschaft - E-Pals - Pen Pals

Resources and links for finding e-pals and Web sites for German-English Brieffreundschaften.

Deutsche Post's Letternet
All about the Letternet pen pal service from the German post office, Deutsche Post AG. Letternet has over 250,000 members in more than 100 countries.

Finding German-Language Pen Pals
An article about finding German-language Brieffreunde and their value in helping you learn German. From your Guide.

German Letter-Writing Guide
This personal letter-writing guide can help you with your letters or emails in German. Includes an English-German letter-writing phrasebook and sample letters.

Digital Greeting Cards
Send a free e-card designed especially for German! Scenic cards and cards for special occasions. With suggested messages for Christmas and other times.

Deutsches Forum
In unserem Deutschen Forum kann man über alle Themen auf Deutsch diskutieren.

German Forum
Exchange information with people around the world and learn German in our German Forum 1. Membership is free.

Das Bild der Anderen
Das E-Projekt "Das Bild der Anderen" macht E-Mail im frühen DaF Unterrricht möglich.

"Du" oder "Sie" online?
Sollte man "du" oder "Sie" als Anredeform im Internet verwenden? Gute Vorschläge von Mathias Adelhofer.

A German pen pal site in English and German with live chat. Searchable.

Extensive info on each pen pal. Searchable. Free browsing. US$10.00 per year fee for listing an email address. Good for finding people in German-speaking countries.

ePals.com - Deutsch
Links to schools, classroom exchanges and languages around the world. Select "Deutsch" or "English' tab - as you prefer.

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections
IECC is primarily aimed at students and teachers of German.

International Pen Friends - German
Find pen pals in a variety of languages, including German. Postal mail only. IPF: "Over 300,000 members in more than 192 countries... our club is now regarded as the greatest penfriend organisation in the world--established in 1967." Headquartered in Australia.

Internationale Brieffreundschaften per E-Mail
A free German-language pen pal service by Mathias Adelhoefer. All instructions and listings are in German. For German-speakers anywhere.

International Pen Friends/Pen Pals
E-pals in Germany. List yourself or find an e-pal with Europa-Pages.com. Also offers school/class email exchanges

Internet voice chats with native speakers to help you improve your German (or other languages). Free registration required. (Click on the German flag for a very poorly translated German version.)

The German post office, Deutsche Post AG, has a Web site devoted to writing real letters via its own pen pal network.

The Penpal Network
Pen pals grouped by age and gender. Some complaints about dead links. Free registration.

The Transatlantic Classroom
A forum where German and American teenagers can share their views on many issues issues, find key-pals, talk about school, and apply their foreign language skills (German/English).

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