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Photos of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

A photo gallery with scenes of the people, landmarks, and daily life in German-speaking Europe. With information in German and English.

Fotogalerie - Photo Gallery
A German photo gallery with scenes of landmarks and life in German Europe. With information in German and English.

Foto Fun - Exercises
Some fun with photos! Using a series of photographs (Fotos), you can try our German photo exercises related to practical, everyday language use and general knowledge. Beginner and advanced levels.

Digital Postcards in German
Send a free e-card in German to anyone with an email address! Special postcards and greeting cards designed for German - for many occasions.

Photo Exercise: Der gedeckte Tisch
Can you identify (in German) the items that appear in a photo of a set table? This self-grading, 10-item quiz relates to the vocabulary for Lektion 13 of German for Beginners.

The German Way: Photos
Many photographs of daily life and customs in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. By Hyde Flippo.

Panorama - German Cities
Helmut Koelbach's photography site offers 360° panoramic views of German cities. Also available on CD. In German or English.

CAPL German Picture Dictionary
An online picture dictionary with high quality images. CAPL stands for "Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon" and offers license-free imagery. From Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania.

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