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Quotations and Sayings in German

Zitate und Sprüche auf Deutsch. Links to quotes, proverbs and sayings in German.

Creative New Year Wishes in German
Creative and poetic ways to wish a happy New Year in German.

Learning German from Hollywood Movies
Great lines from Hollywood films can be an amusing way to learn German. This lesson provides examples of movie quotes in English and German.

Das Zitat des Tages
The German "Quotation of the Day" - in German and English.

Definition of nass
Definition of nass

Deutsche Zitate - German Quotations
Our bilingual German/English quotation archives.

German Film Quotes of the Day
An archive of daily quotations (in German and English) from Hollywood movies. "Here's lookin' at you, kid!"

Daily German
The German word and quotation of the day - from your Guide.

Biblical Scriptures and Prayers
The Bible in German and English. From your Guide.

Colorful expressions in German – literally. From your Guide.

Favorite German Expressions
Readers send us their own favorite German idioms and proverbs. From your Guide.

Idioms: Talk Like a German
German idioms and how they often differ from their English equivalents. From your Guide.

Proverbs and Idioms
A short quiz on German sayings and proverbs--with links, of course. From your Guide.

Wort des Tages
The "German Word of the Day" - from your Guide.

Aphorismen, Sprüche und Zitate
Mehr als 2400 Zitate, viele Gedichte, Weisheiten, Liedertexte, Sprüche und noch mehr von www.zitate-welt.de.

Chronik: Sprüche und Zitate
Zu jeder vollen Stunde neu! Schüttelreime, Limericks und vieles mehr.

Garten-Literatur - Gedichte und Zitate
Gedichte, Literatur und Zitate zum Thema Garten.

janko.at - Aphorismen und Zitate
A large collection of quotations, sayings and aphorisms - in German and English - from the Austrian site of Angela and Otto Janko.

Jazz Zitate
Quotations from jazz musicians - in English and German.

Literarische Zitate - Krimis, usw.
Zitate - Literarisches, Abseitiges, Abgründiges. Von der Hammett Krimibuchhandlung.

Murphys Gesetze
A collection of Murphy's laws in German (and English).

The Perspectives of Nietzsche
A well-organized collection of Nietzsche quotations with citations. Site by Bill Curry.

Philosophy Quotations
A large collection of quotation links, including Kant, Nietzsche and other German philosophers. By Peter Suber.

A large collection of quotations and links by Michael Moncur. Mostly in English. Try the search feature to look for specific Germans, etc.

"Da kannst du sagen, was du willst." Zitate und Sprüche fürs Handy von www.sms.at.

Swabian into English - Proverbs
A collection of proverbs in the Swabian dialect and English. Find out what "Es isch bloß bis rum isch" means. From Thomas Kemmer's Swabian into English Web site.

Sprüche und Weisheiten
Ever wonder what Germans write on bathroom walls? Some of the items in this collection are quite witty. See Ein stiller Ort der Einkehr.

Kluge Zitate in den folgenden Rubriken: Frauen, Freunde, Glück, Liebe, usw. Leider bei vielen weiß man nicht, wer was gesagt hat.

Wittgenstein Quotations
A collection assembled by John Siebenbaum. You can also contribute new quotes. Only a few are in German.

An extensive databank of German quotations.

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