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Radio in German

Online streaming audio radio stations in German. Rundfunk aus Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und anderen Ländern.

Techniques for Using Authentic Language Sources
Tips and suggestions for using the Web to your advantage. Even beginners can do it!

Listening to Podcasts in German
A guide to finding and enjoying podcasts in German. Learn where to find them and how to subscribe and listen to them.

Streaming Audio/Video FAQ
How do you listen to German radio or watch German television on the Web? Here's a helpful FAQ that answers the most frequently asked questions about streaming audio and video.

Antenne Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf UKW 104,2. Click on "Webradio."

Antenne Wien
Vienna - 102.5 FM. "Der neue Musikmix für Wien." Listen with RealAudio. Most of the music is in English, but the announcers' German definitiely has that Austrian sound!

This German public broadcasting site links to "Das Erste" (TV) and the many radio sites that are part of this network.

B5 aktuell
From Bayrischer Rundfunk Online (Radio Bavaria). Live radio news, etc.

Bayern 3 Online
Bavarian Radio's Bayern 3 channel - "Das Radio in Bayern." Select either RealAudio or Mediaplayer for live audio.

Bayrischer Rundfunk Online
Bavarian radio and television online. Select from many broadcast choices.

Berlin - RBB Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
Das Angebot von Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), früher SFB und ORB.

Blue Danube Radio
This English-language Austrian radio station no longer broadcasts from Vienna, but it still has an online presence - with its history and English lessons for German-speakers.

Chronik der Wende
Text, photos, audio and graphics chronicle events before and after the fall of the Wall (in German).

Chronos - HR Hessischer Rundfunk
Nachrichten aus Hessen und der der Welt. Es gibt doch das Mittelwellen-Radio! RealAudio news clips.

Das Ding
Listen to the lyrics of German pop music from this German Sender. One of the "cooler" German radio Web sites, with more songs in German than most German stations. Media Player streaming audio.

Deutsche Podcasts - Podcast.net
Das ist wie Radio, aber wann und wo du willst! MP3 Podcasts auf Deutsch.

Deutschlandfunk und DeutschlandRadio Berlin. Die zwei Programme bundesweit und werbefrei.

DeutschlandRadio live im Internet
DeutschlandRadio live im Internet. Kultur und Nachrichten auf Deutsch.

Deutsche Welle World
Radio and television in many languages. The German overseas broadcaster - via satellite, shortwave, and online.

Switzerland's 3 German-language public radio stations (DRS 1, 2, 3). Select 1, 2, or 3.

Eins Live - WDR
Eins Live from Westdeutscher Rundfunk: hear, read, search for the latest news. Listen to Eins Live in streaming audio (RealPlayer). There was even an online "Krimi" Hörspiel last time I looked.

Das Erste (ARD)
"Das Erste" – as the name implies – was Germany's first public broadcasting radio and TV network. Audio & video.

Fireball - Radio
Many links to German-language online radio broadcasters from the German Fireball Suchmaschine.

This ORF Austrian station (in Vienna) now has online audio, and an impressive Web site - in German and English! Very informative, with news and features on many topics.

Freier Rundfunk Oberösterreich
Public access Radio FRO in Linz, Austria. Listen to FRO in RealAudio.

Heimatsender Radio Herz      
Radio Herz in Canada broadcasts traditional German music via satellite and Web audio.

Hit FM - Munich's Power Station
Live streaming audio from "Munich's Power Station." News and music in stereo.

Hit-Radio Antenne 1
Hit Radio für Baden-Württemberg. RealAudio "Web Radio".

Hit Radio FFH Online
This Frankfurt station offers weather, news, traffic/radar, and, of course, music. RealAudio.

HR Online - Hessischer Rundfunk
Hörfunk und Fernsehen. Chronos (News), HR1, HR2, usw.

HR3 Online
Listen to Hessian Radio's HR3 - Hessen-News, Wetter, Musik, usw.

Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Radio) broadcasts from Frankfurt for the Rhein-Main region. XXL is aimed at the youth demographic. RealAudio live streaming audio.

Hundert, 6
A Berlin FM station.

InfoRadio auf 93.1 - Berlin
Das Hauptstadt-Radio von RBB. The latest news – world, regional, local – in German as live RealAudio or text. (Why InfoRadio is a "Best of the Net" selection.)

Even if the name doesn't sound like it, this is a German station.

Online German-language stations in MP3. Limited selection.

MDR - Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk
This is the public broadcast station from Thuringia in eastern Germany.

MTV - Germany
The online German-language MTV site. "Musik-News, Chats, Events - und alles im gewohnt-MTV-mässigen Design."

NDR - Norddeutscher Rundfunk
Links to NDR1, NDR2, and NDR3 in northern Germany.

The pop music service of ORF (below).

Ohrenkneifer - Das Deutschrock Radio
Live streaming audio of GERMAN music, a rarity in German radio!

ORF (Radio Austria)
Oesterreichischer Rundfunk online. Austria's national radio and TV broadcast service. Links to Austria's regional broadcasters. Austrian and world news ticker (Schlagzeilen) as text.

Radio 3fach
A youth-oriented Swiss private broadcaster in Lucerne (Luzern). "Das erste Jugendkulturradio der Schweiz."

Radio - About.com
This About site from Guide Mike Powers offers helpful information related to online listening in general.

Radio Basilisk Live
Music, news, and more from this Swiss-German radio station in Basel. Click on "Live!" for streamed audio.

Radio Bremen Online
From northern Germany's second largest city.

Radio Burgenland
Click on "Live" to listen in RealAudio. Less English and more traditional German/Austrian music than you usually hear on many German-language stations. News, weather, and more.

Radio Energy
This Radio Energy broadcasts from Rheinland-Pfalz.

Radio Energy - Wien
FM 104.2 from Vienna - with live audio (music).

Radio Fritz
Fritz ist von SFB/ORB in Berlin/Brandenburg. Man hört ab und zu auch DEUTSCHE Songs! RealAudio Stereo.

Radio Germany
An online German-language station based in the US. German music and news in MP3 streaming audio.

Radio Goethe: The German Voice
Listen to music and news in German (MP3 and RealAudio). Also links to radio stations that carry Radio Goethe.

Radio Prag in Deutsch
The Czech Radio Praha Online broadcasts in German, English and other languages. Live streaming RealAudio and archived broadcasts.

Radio Steiermark
Austrian/Styrian news as text and audio.

Radio SAW
Sachsen-Anhalt-Welle (SAW) broadcasts from the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt. RealPlayer live audio.

Radio Sunshine
Listen to FM 88 (UKW 88) in German from Rotkreuz in central Switzerland. RealPlayer.

Deutschsprachige Internet-Radios and Livesender aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.

Radio Zürisee
Swiss radio for communities around Lake Zurich. Click on "News" for text and audio news – in German-Swiss dialect. RealPlayer.

RBB - Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
Die Fusion von SFB (Sender Freies Berlin) und ORB. Am 1. Mai 2003 hat der RBB offiziell die Rechtsnachfolge von ORB und SFB angetreten.

Before the Wall fell, this Berlin music station used to be RIAS (Radio in the American Sector). Now "94,3 r.s.2" broadcasts "Der Supermix" (oldies and current hits).

RTL News
RTL is a private German radio and television broadcaster. Listen to (and watch) the news in RealVideo.

Spreeradio 105,5 Online
Dieser Berliner Sender bietet Live-RealAudio-Empfang, Nachrichten, und "die beste Musikmischung für Berlin" (Stereo, RealPlayer).

SurfMusik.de - Radiosender und TV Online
Links to online radio in German, plus Web TV, Musik, etc.

A German Webradio site with German music, even if the name suggests otherwise.

WebRadio Waischenfeld
Deutschland - "Der interaktive Audiodienst des Bürgernetz Waischenfeld." 28.8K oder 56K (MediaPlayer).

WRN - World Radio Network
The World Radio Network online. Listen to various European German-language radio broadcasts in live streaming RealAudio or live OnDemand audio--from Radio Budapest to Radio Vatikan. See the complete WRN3 schedule.

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