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German Cuisine - deutsche Küche

Recipes and info for German and Austrian cuisine, baking, and cooking. Includes cook books, recipes, and measurement converters.

German Recipes - Kochrezepte
A collection of recipes - Kochrezepte - in German and English related to our glossary of food and dining-related words and expressions.

German Christmas Recipes - Weihnachtsrezepte
A collection of recipes of the season - in German and English.

German Cooking Glossary - Kochglossar
An annotated German-English glossary of cooking and measurement terms related to our recipe collection.

German Seasonings Glossary - Herbs and Spices
An English-German and German-English glossary of herbs, spices, and seasonings.

German Menu and Dining Guide
An annotated glossary of food, recipe, and dining-related words and expressions in German and English: Menu - Speisekarte.

German Myths: German Chocolate Cake
Is German chocolate cake really German? The answer may surpise you.

German Recipes - Measurement Conversion
A handy conversion chart for metric and English units of measurement. Part of our glossary of cooking terms and expressions in German and English.

Top Picks - German Cook Books
A selection of the best German and Austrian cook books and recipes.

Langenscheidt Pocket Menu Reader
An overview of the 'Langenscheidt Pocket Menu Reader German-English' - which includes recipes.

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