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Software for German

Reviews and resources for software for learning German and using German.

Book, Software, and Video Reviews
Reviews of books, software and audio-visual materials for learning German. With links to online sources.

DeKey for Windows - Free Download
This freeware download for Windows computer systems allows you to easily type German characters on an English-language keyboard using the Alt key. The Zip file contains both US and UK versions. Provided by a reader who is a software designer.

Review: Accio Downloadable German-English Dictionary
A review of the downloadable Accio German-English Dictionary for Windows, Mac, Palm, and iPod.

Berlitz Kids German Language Pack
A software learning program for children.

Berlitz New Basic German - Review
Berlitz Publishing and the German publisher Langenscheidt have teamed to produce one of the newest German courses for beginners. Learn more in my review of the New Basic German program from Berlitz in audio CD or cassette editions.

Book, Software, and Video Reviews
Reviews by your Guide - books, videos, and software related to learning German. With links to online sources.

Software Review: Tell Me More German - Premium edition
A review of Tell Me More for German (premium edition), a language-learning CD-ROM program for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels from Auralog.

Language Adventure I - Review
A close look at this Instinct CD-ROM program for children and adults. From your Guide.

Listening to Germany on CD - German Language
A review of the monthly German audio magazine Schau ins Land.

Living Language German Courses
A review of German Complete Course and several other Living Language packages on CD or cassette.

New and Classic Software for German
A look at both the latest releases and classic software for German, including computer dictionaries and language-learning programs for beginners and advanced learners. Also links to many software and other reviews by your Guide.

Review: Global Traveler
A review of a low-cost alternative to massive German programs that includes a pocket translator.

Review: Stimmen der Zeit
An excellent audio history of Germany for more advanced learners of German.

Review: Tell Me More - Ver. 6
A look at a CD-ROM German course for beginners.

Top Read-Along DVDs for German
Read and hear Disney stories in German and four other languages. These unique DVDs also include games and vocabulary related to the story. These are not the movie versions.

Translate Text
A special page for translating text between German and English or other languages. From your your Guide.

Translation Software
What can you reasonably expect of machine translation? A two-part article by your Guide.

WordPoint: A Pop-Up German-English Dictionary
WordPoint is a pop-up dictionary for translating words as you read a document. It is a single-word translator designed to help you decipher a word by simply placing the cursor over it. Windows and Palm OS.

Apimac English-German Dictionary for Mac OS X or Windows XP
The Apimac English-German Dictionary is an English/German translation dictionary for Mac OS X or Windows XP that combines a comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary with grammatical notes and an ample phrase book containing thousand of English phrases with translations into German.

Clicktionary - Instant Translation
Clicktionary is a "click and easy" translation tool which supports multiple languages - English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese. Also offers interactive use of Oxford dictionaries in several languages. For Windows only.

Vokaboly - Vokabeltrainer Englisch
Windows software for learning German vocabulary - via an 'Englischtrainer' intended to help Germans learn English.

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