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Speaking German / Pronunciation

Lessons and resources to help you speak German correctly.
  1. Pronunciation (13)

Futsch Ist Futsch
German expression explained: Futsch ist futsch

German Phonetic Spelling Code
From 'Alpha, Bravo, Charlie' to 'A wie Anton' - The German phonetic spelling code is different from the English/international code, but equally as useful. With a full chart for the German code.

German Language Lab - Audio - Listen to German
Learn how to pronounce German correctly. By listening carefully to the audio in our German Language Lab, you'll have a model to imitate.

Are You Listening?
Why you should be. With listening sources and tips.

How Do You Say 'Porsche'?
By some standards, many English-speakers mispronounce certain borrowed German words in English. Examples include scientific terms (Neanderthal, Loess), brand names (Adidas, Deutsche Bank, Porsche, Braun) and names in the news (Gerhard Schröder, Jörg Haider). How do YOU say "Porsche"?

Listening to Germany
A review of the German audio magazine "Schau ins Land."

Tell Me More - German
A detailed review by your Guide of this interactive CD-ROM program for learning German. Package includes a headset for pronunciation practice.

Pronunciation Guide: Das Abc
Audio and other guidelines for the correct pronunciation of German, including the alphabet and vowel and consonant pairs.

Wir sprechen Deutsch: The German "Stammtisch" - German Conversation
A local German conversation group - or "Stammtisch" - is a good way to practice your German and meet new friends! If there is no Stammtisch in your area, consider starting one.

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