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Back to School for Teachers and Students of German

A German-Learning Guide for Teachers and Students



A German textbook - one of those featured in our Textbook Guide.

Getting Ready for German

Just as German spelling reform (Rechtschreibreform) is once again becoming the focus of attention in Germany, it's time to return to the classroom in North America and many other parts of the world. Although most students and teachers in Austria, Germany and other European countries have been back in the classroom since mid-August or earlier, US and Canadian schools end their three-month summer vacation at the end of August or in early September. (A few North American secondary schools have a year-round schedule, but that's still the exception to the rule.) To get your school year off to a good start, here's a guide to many of our resources for teachers and students:

Teaching German
This is a guide to our many resources for teachers and students of German, designed to make it easier for you to find help for teaching or learning German. It includes many of the topics and links you'll find below. SEE > Teaching German

Education Glossary
The more German that students can use in the classroom, the better. Can your students say "I don't know" in German? We have several school-related glossaries and phrasebooks for teacher and student talk. SEE > English-German Education and School Glossary

More English-German Glossaries
Our site currently has almost 100 special glossaries on topics from abbreviations to Wirtschaftsdeutch. Can you name common songbirds such as the bluejay or robin in German? How about the signs of the zodiac? SEE > English-German Glossaries or the Glossary A-Z Index

Exercises - Quizzes - Worksheets
Need to practice your German? Perhaps you're a teacher who's looking for exercises for your students. SEE > Games, Exercises

German Textbook Guide
This list of German textbooks and their publishers can help teachers and students in the selection of a Lehrbuch that best suits their needs. SEE > German Textbooks

Homework Help for German
Although this page is primarily aimed at students, it can also be of interest to instructors who are looking for resources to help their students. SEE > Homework Help

Organizations for German and Foreign Languages
This category is mostly aimed at teachers and professors of German, but some of the information and links are also of interest to students. SEE > Organizations

I hope you've found this introduction to our German resources helpful, but there's much more to explore at this site. Another useful, more extensive guide to our site can be found on the Wegweiser (guidepost) page. Then, if you still haven't found what you seek, try the "Search" feature at the top of this or any page.

MORE > Ein Wegweiser

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