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German-American Day and October - Part 2

Suggested projects and activities


German-American Activities - LINKS - RESOURCES

ACTIVITY 1 - Bio Project - Who are they?

Identify any three of these German-Americans - Who, what, when

John Jacob Astor
Wernher von Braun
Marlene Dietrich
Albert Einstein
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Oscar Hammerstein
Fritz Lang
Peter Minuit
Thomas Nast
Joseph Pulitzer
John A. Roebling
Carl Schurz
F.W. von Steuben
Levi Strauss
John Peter Zenger

MORE: Famous German-Americans
MORE: Famous Austrians, Germans, Swiss

Web > Biographies of German Americans
Web > More than Bratwurst and Beer (Deutsche Welle, English)
Web > The German-Americans (Table of Contents)

ACTIVITY 2 - Germans in Hollywood

German-Americans and Hollywood (Links)
Learn more about the hundreds (!) of Germans and Austrians who have had an influence on the history of Hollywood since its earliest days. Can you name the German directors of "Independence Day" or "Air Force One"? Who was the German founder of Universal Studios?

Web > German-Hollywood Connection
Web > CineGraph.de (Deutsch)
Web > Filmarchiv Austria (Deutsch)
Web > Deutsches Filmmuseum - Frankfurt (Deutsch)
Web > Filmgeschichte Hollywoods (Deutsch)
Web > Filmmuseum Berlin (Deutsch)
Web > Filmmuseum Potsdam (Deutsch)
Web > Filmportal.de (Deutsch)

ACTIVITY 3 - German-American Scavenger Hunt

Internet Scavenger Hunt - Schnitzeljagd

Web > German-American Scavenger Hunt

ACTIVITY 4 - German-American Lesson Plan

Teacher's Guide (Max Kade Institute)

Web > Celebrating German-American Day

ACTIVITY 5 - German-American Awareness Week/Month (October)

Here are some German PR ideas for German-American Day (Week/Month) that were shared on the AATG German teachers forum. By the way, teachers who are not already AATG members (American Association of Teachers of German) should be!

1. German-American Contest - Hold a contest of some kind to increase German-American awareness. Some ideas: (A) Guess the number of Gummi Bears in a jar. (B) Prize awarded for answering trivia questions. (C) Other fun contests.

2. German-American Trivia Questionnaire - Make up a list of German-related questions for students or your school's teaching staff. Sample questions: Do you drive a German-made car? Is your (or a friend's) last name German? Do you have any German (Austrian, Swiss) ancestors?

3. German-American Breakfast - Serve "German" and "Austrian" pastries, rolls, coffee, juice, and Nutella! Can be for teachers and/or students.

4. German-American Pot Luck Dinner - Can also be a fundraiser dinner. Serve German and Austrian dishes, or other typical food and drink.

5. German-American Oktoberfest - Except at the college level, beer is out, but there are many other possibilities, including food, carnival games, and fun contests.

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