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Translating German

Information, resources, and links for translating to and from German. Includes translators—software and real people.
  1. Software for German
  2. Translators (20)

German Translation - Articles & Resources
All of our articles and resources for translating to or from German.

A Perfect German Translation?
Is there such a thing? A look at the present and future of machine translation. An article by your Guide.

German Metric Calculator - Measurement Converter
Convert English measurements to metric or vice versa. A calculator for temperatures, recipes, distances, etc.

Can Your PC Speak German?
How to get ö, Ä, or ß out of your English-language keyboard. Several ways to make your PC bilingual.

Free Online Translation
A special page from your Guide - translate any text you choose from or to English and several other languages, including German. But if you need more serious translation, see the links under "Translators."

Computer and Internet Glossary
An annotated English-German glossary of computer, Internet, and Web terminology from your Guide.

Interviews: Karl May Translators
We interview two translators of Karl May's works into English. Although May is the all-time bestselling author in German, and his novels have been translated into over 30 languages, they are rarely published in English.

Karl May Down Under - Australian Friends of Karl May
This Australian association is devoted to enjoying, researching, and translating the works of German author Karl May into English, and sharing their unusual hobby with other Karl May enthusiasts.

Translation Software
A two-part article from your Guide about what you can reasonably expect of machine translation.

Annotated English-German glossaries on a variety of specific topics (computers, greetings, holidays, on the telephone, etc.) from your Guide.

AATG Links
The Web site of the American Association of Teachers of German offers links related to translation and other German matters.

Abbreviations - Abkürzungen
A nice chart showing side-by-side German and English abbreviations from A to Z.

About the Ontosaurus
Eduard Hovy and his machine translation colleagues at USC have developed an "ontology" with 90,000 concepts in a branching hierarchy.

The Web site of the Assozierte Dolmetscher und Übersetzer in Norddeutschland offers helpful pages to translators.

American Association of Literary Translators. From the Center for Translation Studies at the Univ. of Texas at Dallas.

AltaVista Translation Service
This online service lets you select English-to-German or German-to-English. Get a draft translation of Web pages or your own sentences/text. Powered by Systran.

The American Translators Association.

Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ)
A German association for interpreters and translators.

English-German Dictionary
Online translation of words or phrases from "The new English-German Dictionary" at the TU-Dresden. Also available as offline software. For Windows and Mac.

Ergane 3.4 (Software)
A free multilingual dictionary program (from Afrikaans to Zulu!) for Windows by Gerard van Wilgen. Preview and download from this site. Includes German and Esperanto.

European Association for Machine Translation
The Association's Web site has links and info.

Fingertip Software
Fonts, software, spellcheckers, and keyboards for multilingual computing. Some items available as free demo (temporary version) download.

As the name says, it's free. Pay version with better translation also available. See for yourself. Powered by TranscendRT. From Transparent Language.

German Fraktur Typefaces
Four different public domain German fonts (as ZIP files) from Dr. Howard M. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive. Includes Sütterlin and Schwaben Alt.

Germanic Fonts
Three public domain German fonts (Gothic, Kroebern, Luftwaffe [a bold Fraktur]) from the Yamada Language Center font collection. For Mac only except for Gothic (Mac and Windows).

A mailing list for translators, interpreters, terminologists and technical writers. Welcomes posting of industry-specific glossaries and dictionaries found on the Web.

Goethe Institute
The GI Web site offers information on German language and culture. Also links to local Goethe Institutes all over the world.

The Human-Languages Page
An extensive language resource by Tyler Chambers. See their Dictionaries category.

Inter Nationes - Übersetzung
Based in Bonn, Inter Nationes is an excellent resource for translators or anyone interested in the German language and culture.

Langenscheidt's online German-English dictionary of computer and Internet terms.

Internet Resources for Translators
A useful site for translators in many languages. By Michelle de Raaij.

A free online translator for over 675 language pairs. Translate single words, phrases, sentences, and entire Web pages. From Translation Experts, Ltd. Also see their Word Translator software.

Langenscheidts Fremdwörterbuch Online
Several Langenscheidt dictionaries of foreign words in German, including computer terms.

Language Partners - Translation Software
Language Partners translation products.

LOGOS Dictionary
A multilingual online dictionary from the Logos Group (Italy). Translates words and phrases. (Be sure to scroll down to other translations.)

"Lost in Translation"
An article from the Atlantic Monthly (Dec. 1998) by Stephen Budiansky. Why is MT (machine translation) so bad? - Computers just don't have common sense!

Mathematisches Wörterbuch
A German-English/English-German glossary for math terms from the Uni-Göttingen. By Rainer Baule.

Natural Language Group
The Natural Language Processing group at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California (USC/ISI) is involved in various aspects of computational/natural language processing.

Österreichische Verband der Gerichtsdolmetscher
Austrian Association of Court Interpreters. In Deutsch or English.

Swabian to English
A Swabian-to-English dictionary with related information about this German dialect.

Systran Classic
A powerful translation program for small businesses. Available via download or as a special full package. Customizable dictionary. Windows only.

Systran Personal
A low-cost translation program for personal letters, articles, email, and more. Available in 10 language pairs on CD-ROM or via download. Windows only.

Talking Translator - English-German-Polish
A handheld electronic translator with sound. 650,000 words and expressions. Language Teacher also offers Talking Translators for German-Russian-English and English (US)-German-Russian.

A variety of translation software for German and other languages.

Translation of First Names
For German and other languages. Enter a name or search a list of names by first letter. Also translates titles. By Herbert Stoyan.

Translation Journals
A collection of links to about 20 Web journals related to translation and translation research.

Translation Research Group
The Translation Research Group (translation, theory, technology) works on the problems of machine translation.

The Translator's Home Companion
A translation resource from Language Automation, Inc.

UMass - Translation Center
The Translation Center's educational program. From the Univ. of Mass., Amherst.

"Why Can't a Computer Translate More Like a Person?"
A good question answered in interesting detail by Alan K. Melby of the Translation Research Group.

A translation assistant in seven languages, including German. WINdows DIctionary by Language Dynamics Corp.

Word Translator - Mac & Windows
German translation software. Information and illustrations of the program's interface. From Translation Experts, Ltd.

A translation of a German text entitled "Kanadatag."

German Translation
Translation of German text

German Text Translation
A translation of the German text "Sandskulpturen"

Love Parade
German Translation of Love Parade Katastrophe

German Text Translation
German Text Translation of "Classical Music"

Die Hutterer
German Text Translation of "Die Hutterer."

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