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Verb Conjugation and Grammar

All about German verbs and their practical use.

Conjugation of the German verb machen.

Conjugation of the German verb 'brauchen.'

Conjugation of the German verb 'sagen'.

Verb conjugation and expressions with 'gehen.'

Conjugation and expressions with 'legen'.

Conjugation of the German verb vergessen, as well as some expressions.

Conjugation Of Verb Halten
Conjugation of verb halten.

The Many Meanings of the German Verb 'lassen'
The German verb 'lassen' has many uses. There are at least a dozen different meanings for this versatile verb, not even counting its several variations, including common verbs such as 'verlassen' and 'auslassen,' and various 'lassen' idioms. Our lesson examines each meaning and provides examples in German and English.

German Mistake: Warum hälst du nicht an?
An explanation of a German mistake "hälst"

Conjugation of Glauben
Conjugation of glauben.

German Verb Essen
Conjugation of German verb essen,

Verb Tenses
A comparison between German and English verb tenses.

Verb of the Week: Nehmen
Details about German Verb 'nehmen.'

Conjugation of German verb 'geben.'

Conjugation of Arbeiten
Conjugation of German verb 'arbeiten.'

About and conjugation German verb stellen.

Uses of the modal verb 'dürfen'.

The Simple Past in German
The Simple Past in German, Preterite

German Strong Verbs
A list of German strong verbs with examples.

German Strong Verbs II
A list of German strong verbs.

German Verb: kommen
A closer look at the German verb 'kommen.'

Uses of modal verb 'müssen.'

Uses of modal verb 'mögen.'

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.

Difficult German Verbs
Explanation of difficult German verbs.

The 10 Meanings of the German Verb 'ausmachen'
There are at least ten different basic meanings for the German verb 'ausmachen.' This lesson examines each meaning and provides examples in German and English.

500+ German Verbs
Over 500 German verbs, many with full conjugations.

Different uses of the German verb stehen

German Verb Conjugation
Some tips concerning verb conjugation.

50 Common German Verbs
From "antworten" to "zeigen" - a helpful guide to the most frequently used regular German verbs in the present tense.

German Verb Brauchen
A closer look at the German verb brauchen.

Verwenden, Benutzen, Gebrauchen
The difference between German verbs 'verwenden, benutzen, gebrauchen.'

Conjugating German Verbs
Links to all of our verb-related pages and verb conjugations.

German Verb Conjugator - Conjugate German Verbs
Quickly find the conjugation of many common German verbs.

German Verbs
Different ways of saying to love/like in German.

Details about the German verb bringen.

Ablaut Patterns in Strong German Verbs
These vowel-shift patterns make it easier to learn how to conjugate strong verbs in German. Some German verbs even follow the identical English vowel pattern: German trinken, trank, getrunken vs. English drink, drank, drunk

German Reflexive Verbs
English also has some reflexive verbs forms ("enjoy yourself"), but German relies much more on reflexive verbs than English. Learn more in this guide to German reflexive verbs.

Mixed German Verbs - Irregular Verbs
German verbs that combine elements of both weak and strong verbs.

Top 20 German Verbs
The 20 most-used verbs ranked by frequency of use - with conjugations and examples.

The Subjunctive in German
An introduction to the subjunctive (der Konjunktiv) mood in German - when and how to use it. The German Subjunctive I and Subjunctive II.

German Verb Prefixes
All about separable and inseparable verbs and their prefixes.

German Modal Verbs
Complete conjugations of the modal verbs with examples and English meanings.

Conjugation and expressions of German verb lesen.

German Cognate Verbs
An article about German cognate verbs.

German Verb Review
A three-part review of German verb tenses. With self-scoring quizzes.

Modal Verbs - Verb Review 2
Modal verbs in German. With self-scoring quizzes.

German Verbs
An Explanation of the German "Bürsten" and "Putzen."

'Sein' and 'Haben'
Guidelines on when to use the modal verbs "haben" and "sein" in the present perfect tense.

A List of Common German Empty Verbs
A list of common German empty verbs

German Empty Verbs
A guide to German empty verbs.

German Grammar Tip
German Grammar Tip When Stating Your Profession

Definition and conjugation of 'können.'

'To go' in German
Lesson on how to espress 'to go' in German.

Conjugation of German verb 'verstehen' and related expressions.

German Strong Verbs
The principal parts of the strong (irregular) verbs with English meanings.

German Irregular Verb Chart
Our chart of strong (irregular) verbs in German.


Conjugation and expressions with German verb fallen.


Sehen - German Verb Sehen
Conjugation and expressions with the German verb sehen.

Liegen - German Verb Liegen
Conjugation And Expressions With German Verb Liegen

The Many Ways Of Reading 'Lesen'
In how many ways can you read a book? Well, in German in at least 15 ways! All you need is add a prefix. Read about the many ways you use 'lesen' in German.

All about the German verb 'fliegen'.

Conjugation of the German verb 'biegen.'

Conjugation of and expressions with 'stehen.'

Conjugation of the German verb 'besuchen.'

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